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Poll : The Pool Vs. The Bath

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Episode 24 : Pumpkin

Happy fall everyone! On today’s episode Diane reports that the canned pumpkin shortage has come to an end. In unrelated news, atheists know more about religion than the religious, Cornell University introduces “gender neutral” facilities, and the group discusses what their last meal … Continue reading

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Sesame Street has two new Residents

The cast and I briefly discussed this story about Katy Perry last episode. In brief, I found it offensive that Perry, while performing at her alma mater, in an act of revenge dedicated her song “Ur So Gay” to a … Continue reading

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Episode 23 : The Fat Kid ‘Cast

On today’s podcast the quartet talk about the Texas State Fair and which fried food won the annual State Fair’s food contest. Paul then discusses other fattening food as well as what men really think when they say what they … Continue reading

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It will fry your Eyeholes

This lil blog post has been swirling in me for a while now. I, like Jill, watch too much television. Well, I don’t really “watch” it…I more “listen” to it. This semester I am reading my ass off, and I … Continue reading

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Episode 22 : Meat Purse

Woot woot, we are 22! On today’s episode the gang discuss MTV’s video music awards (especially Lady Gaga’s meat dress). They also discuss John Mayer’s twitter boycott, one city’s push for super high speed internet, and website “Frisky’s” money guide. … Continue reading

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Episode 21 : Road Head

Jill, Jon, Diane and artist Andy Amato (who sits in for the vacationing Paul) snuggled together one rainy Tuesday morning to discuss the news which included: vandalism at a Planned Parenthood in California, a Floridian pastor’s controversial event planned for September 11th, and when … Continue reading

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From the Mailbag : The Celluloid Closet

A couple of weeks ago we received this letter : I’m not caught up on Secretly Timid… and you may not want to explore the following topic as a blog… I don’t think I could do it justice because I’m not a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jill!!

Join us in celebrating Jill’s 30th Birthday!! One more brick in the wall. One more gray hair to pull. One more clown to punch. One last big gulp to fill. Happy Birthday!

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Secretly Timid Shop now open at Cafe Press

Check out our Cafe Press shop. If only they made thongs…or those things I said I was going to buy a certain cast member for her birthday…

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