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Episode 28 : What the Cluck??

The talented and lovely Danielle Georgiou fills in for Jill on a special not-quite-double-but-longer-than-usual episode of Secretly Timid. Todays topics include Keith Richard’s new autobiography, a pink ribbon backlash, a new alcoholic drink that is making college students sick, and … Continue reading

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Open Mic with Secretly Timid : Ciro Faienza

Ciro Faienza reads his short story, Monster Eyes. *** Advisory: This story contains strong, adult language and content which is not suitable for all ages or audiences *** Ciro Faienza enjoys being hyphenated as a writer-actor-director of film and theatre, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Paul!

Today is Paul Tran’s Birthday. Let’s all wish him a happy one. Here is your horrorscope via : You need to reach out to someone today, but you shouldn’t expect them to reach back — not at first, anyway! … Continue reading

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Episode 27 : After the Train Wreck

On tonight’s special double-sized episode the group discuss (or is it discusses??) gay adoption, changing your name after marriage when you’re gay, the top 5 traits women want in a man, and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s declaration that multiculturalism has failed. Marriage equality … Continue reading

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Polls, Polls, Polls

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Episode 26 : The Train Wreck Ending

What…………. a train wreck. The one time Jon didn’t wear headphones is the time Paul’s mic isn’t turned on. Luckily, his voice is so full of bass that it was captured on other mics-so it isn’t too bad, but I … Continue reading

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Digg & Tumbl Tumbl Tumbl

Secretly Timid is now on Digg and Tumblr. Follow us, or something. Digg Tumblr This nifty gibberish below is for Digg. Ignore. <!–67945500b6514f7e85413ccc70d163d5–>

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Poll : Passwords, passwords

This question has come up a number of times on the podcast, and if my memory is correct we as a foursome are split. I have sent queries out to some professional advice givers and I will let you know where they … Continue reading

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Episode 25 : ‘B’ is for “Bully”

On today’s episode we learn that Diane is dirty and Jill gives her weekly “Pork Report.” On a more serious note, the cast discuss the gay teen suicide crisis, specifically the case of Rutgers University student, Tyler Clementi, whose roommate … Continue reading

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