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Episode 33 : Backslash Won’t Get You There

On today’s episode Jill returns from her vacation and special guest Luis Midence discusses the music video “Wish you Would.” Later, the group mourn the passing of Leslie Nielsen and discuss a Spanish woman who now owns the sun, WikiLeaks, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

“HandTurkey” by Andy Amato

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Episode 32 Supplement : Wish you Would/Uncertain Double Feature

Wish you Would (click to see the video) p.s. I wish I knew how to add the actual video to this post. Video starring Jon and Andy. Danielle stars as the waitress and April (from Episode 29) is the young … Continue reading

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Episode 32 : Gate Rape

Artist Andy Amato joins the cast once again on a special episode. Topics include Thanksgiving, The Walking Dead episode 4, a TSA pat down which leaves a bladder cancer survivor soaked in his own urine, a heroic dog accidentally being euthanized, … Continue reading

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Open Mic with Secretly Timid : Barbara Vance

Diane and Danielle interview author Barbara Vance, whose collection of children’s poems Suzie Bitner was Afraid of the Drain is receiving rave reviews and is perfect for kids and kids at heart.  You can see Barbara this Thursday, November 18th at 7:30 p.m. … Continue reading

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Episode 31 : Come on Ride the Plane

On today’s show the cast discuss kinnearing and pearl bracelets. They also discuss embarrassing questions some women ask their gynecologists and whether or not new airline security regulations are an invasion of privacy or necessary to make us safe. The cast … Continue reading

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Episode 30 : Life in Mono

On a very special mono-rific episode the group discuss why that “time of the month” shall now be called “Shark Week,” the correct pronunciation of new speaker of the house John Boehner’s surname, and how creepy Koch Industries own everything. Other topics … Continue reading

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Poll : Don’t Bash my Brains in Bro!

On episode 29 Jon mentioned this scene from AMC’s The Walking Dead. In the scene a man could not bring himself to shoot his zombie wife…which brings us to the question :

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Episode 29 : Four Loko

The cast welcomes the lovely and talented April Collie to the show on a cold, wet day in Dallas. Topics include a Republican candidate’s claim that Morgan Freeman provided the voice over on a political ad, British comedian Stephen Fry’s … Continue reading

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