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Bitter Films : The Animation of Don Hertzfeldt

A few weeks ago my cool friend Melanie Sevcenko fed me chips and hummus and forced me to watch videos on YouTube. She showed me the work of Italian street artist “Blu” (real name unknown), and I turned her on … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Devyn!!

A very special “Happy Birthday” to our number one fan, Devyn. We here at Secretly Timid hope you have a wonderful day. You are 21…so you must drink to excess and wake up in a strange place in a puddle … Continue reading

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Music Preview : Alexander Ebert

Hey Guys and Dolls, Our friends over at Vagrant Records just sent us some tunes from Alexander Ebert. We like what we hear. In fact, Jon liked it so much that he did two cartwheels and attempted the chinese splits. … Continue reading

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Lazy Teenage Superheroes

I know this has been on the interwebs for  a while now…but I just saw this this morning. I am in awe at what these kids (am I at an age where I can call them kids??) were able to … Continue reading

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Just a Little Bit of History Repeating : ThunderCats Reboot

I don’t want to be a ‘hater.’ I really don’t. I know that history repeats. I mean, just ten years ago boot cut jeans were ‘in.’ We were supposed to wear them low on the waist. Now jeans are so … Continue reading

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Album Review : James Vincent McMorrow “Early in the Morning”

James Vincent McMorrow Early in the Morning Vagrant Records release date : January 25, 2011 Have you ever wondered what would happen if you exiled yourself for five months in a house located on the Irish shores with nothing but … Continue reading

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Episode 41 : The Fantastic Four

Although Paul could not get into the box today, we are still the Fantastic 4. Let’s just say that for today’s episode he is playing the part of the “Invisible Woman”. I suppose that would make Danielle “She-Hulk.” Regardless, let … Continue reading

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The Last Living Rose

A short film by Seamus Murphy

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Evening Bender : Hitchhiking with Chelsea

On the very first episode of ‘Evening Bender,’ Paul and Jon welcome humanitarian Chelsea Adelman to the Cat Studio. Chelsea shares her travel adventures and offers hitchhiking tips. (Jon’s lawyer/boyfriend advises our listeners to NOT hitchhike.) Later Jill Skypes in … Continue reading

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Episode 40 : Trentasize!!

This show is truly a comedy of errors. Paul turns into a robot and is unceremoniously cut off by the Skype Gods.  Jon talks poker/Jill yawns/Diane blinks. The trio sans robot discuss over-sharing in private settings, home school vs. public schooling … Continue reading

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