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Monday Nerdgasm : Dragon Age 2 Demo

Way back in 2009 BioWare released Dragon Age : Origins. The action/role-playing game allowed players to create either a human, dwarf, or elf of either gender. This new hero is tasked to save the ancient city of Ferelden from a coming … Continue reading

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Humpday Funny : Washington

Jill posted this hilarious video on facebook Monday in honor of President’s Day. It will now be our Humpday funny. Check out “Washington” by Brad Neely. While you are at it…check out his website, Creased Comics for more of his videos.

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Mr. Peppermint/Leif Ericson/I’m a Hard Workin’ Dog

On Episode 45 the cast mentioned 3 different gems from their childhood. Diane mentioned Mr. Peppermint. Jon mentioned “Leif Ericson,” a music video which was featured on Encyclopedia, a children’s show which aired on HBO. Jill remembered the song “I’m a … Continue reading

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Episode 45 : Keep Calm And Carry On

“Twelve stories high, made of radiation.” On Today’s show, Jon and Jill share memories of early children’s television and then bicker while Diane dusts off her 12 gauge. Topics of discussion include a bill which would allow students to carry … Continue reading

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Monday NerdGasm : X-Men Anime Teaser Trailer / The Walking Dead Video Game

Good Monday true believers! Here is a sneak preview to get your nerdy bits tingly. Over the weekend Anime studio Madhouse (Hello Kitty & Friends) released a teaser trailer for an upcoming series based on Marvel’s X-men. So far only … Continue reading

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds Review

Time seemed to crawl from the time Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was announced to when it was finally released. I dribbled away hours checking to see if there were any new updates on Finally, this past Tuesday at around … Continue reading

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Lotus Flower

Attention Radiohead fans : if you pre-ordered The King of Limbs you can download the album today. While you are waiting for the album to download, you can check out the music video for “Lotus Flower” below.

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Dead Island

This trailer is buzzing up the internet. All I can say is “wow.” Tragic and really well done.

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La Luna Entertainment Presents “Fright Flick” (Spoiler Free)

When I was but a wee lad I was magnetically drawn to horror movies. My all-time favorite will always be A Nightmare on Elm Street. I loved Nancy Thompson. I also loved the other big franchises : Halloween, Friday the … Continue reading

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Evening Bender : Rubbing Crystals with Ashley Hope

Chelsea and Jon welcome Ashley to the cat studio. Ashley talks about studying to become a celebrant and talks about all things spiritual. Chelsea and Ashley then talk about embarking on a sisterhood journey of enlightenment. Later, we get the awesome … Continue reading

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