Trapdoor Spider


On this week’s Secretly Timid, Brian, Danielle, and Jon are joined by Brian’s friend, Emily.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Eternal Lips

This week’s featured song is Dream Hesitate (feat. Sharon Van Etten) by Eternal Lips.


Mad Men, ” Time Zones,” and “A Days Work”

Mad MenNan and Brian discuss the first 2 episodes of Mad Men.

The Walking Dead, “Us,” “A”

walking-dead-season-4b-midseason-rick-carl-posterA drugged out Jon, Jill, and Brian talk about the final 2 episodes of Season 4.



OMG. I can’t wait till I get this cast removed!!

This weeks Hot Topics include:


This week’s featured song is Sometimes You Gotta Die by Total Slacker


A Traditional, Baptist, Hardworking, Lady


On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Nan and Brian are stoked for the new season of Mad Men, while Jon is foaming at the mouth for the new season of Orphan Black.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

SnowbirdThis week’s featured song is All Wishes Are Ghosts by Snowbird


We Have No Context


We Have No Context


Lot’s of fun stuff happened this episode…we got a voice mail from Christopher Bragg, Jon continues to harass the “Lame Night Guys,” and Brian is the best roommate ever.

This week’s Hot topics include:



This week’s featured song is You Can’t Stand to Be Alone by Doug Keith.