Poll : The Pool Vs. The Bath

Is taking a dip in the pool the equivalent to taking a bath?

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16 Responses to Poll : The Pool Vs. The Bath

  1. diane says:

    that picture is gross. and it’s negatively impacting my poll, I believe.

  2. Paul says:

    Diane says the pool has to be perfectly pH balanced but she does say that bathing in the ocean counts which is teeming with bacteria, fungi, and other life. Small doses and short exposure to salt water is supposed to be good for the skin.

  3. Devyn G says:

    pH balenced yes – ocean no. that does not count as a bath. unless we are talking about a relaxing bath salt bath that is not used for the purpose of cleaning anything. then the ocean counts.

  4. Jill says:

    I can’t vote! Is the poll closed? Not that it’s any mystery where I stand on this issue.

  5. Jon Lee says:

    Jill – The poll is still open. You should be able to vote, unless you have voted already.

  6. Hillary says:

    Looks like Kermit had a serious fucking problem in that pool

  7. Jill says:

    I didn’t yet! Maybe the other TA voted on this computer…? Random, but possible!

  8. Devyn G says:

    i want to know why it is not ok to consider swimming a bath.

  9. Kinita says:

    First and foremost, this pool is hella nasty. It’s not only visually distorting the poll but I may, in fact, never swim again.

    And chlorine is used to kill bacteria and a few other untangibles. This is proven fact. As is fact that shark’s skin and fish scales are used to beautify human’s biggest organ.

    I vote yes, damn it. And that’s my final answer.

  10. Jon Lee says:

    Swimming Pools: Just one big communal bath. Soaps up!!

  11. Gabe says:

    People urinate in pools. When you leave that pool, there is urine on your face.

  12. Kinita says:

    Damn…I can’t multitask anymore. Came by to check on the post I’ve been laughing about all day and I see my random ad hoc sentence. lol

    (speaking of ocean being hygienically acceptable)
    As is fact that shark’s skin and fish scales are used to beautify human’s biggest organ.

  13. Michelle says:

    Chlorine is used in pools to to kill bacteria and such. It’s a harsh chemical to be used on a mass scale. Harsh chemicals, not as strong as bleach but still harmful shouldn’t be used to bathe in.
    Have you ever swallowed too much pool water as a kid? It makes you sick!! You throw up all over the place. Bath water from your tap might have flouride, but you don’t regeratate after intaking 1/4 a gallon.
    Plus, it drys out your skin and hair really bad.

  14. I see that the poll and ensuing discussion raises an important existential dilemma. A dilemma that man has faced for ages: to bathe or not to bathe. I believe Diane has copious research pertaining to this discussion.

  15. Devyn G. says:

    to bathe or not to bathe? that is the question? well hell.
    can i change my vote?

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