Episode 3 : The Slutters!

In today’s episode, drunk cast couple Cindy and Doug join Jon in the cat studio. The slutty couple tell the story of their courtship. Not to be outdone, Jon confesses why he was such a dick in high school. Other topics includes JonBenet Ramsey, handcuffs and transparent panties, OH, and the Slutters!

Secretly Timid Short : A Message From Jill

A little inspirational message to help you get through finals

Episode 2 : The DrunkCast

Jon, Ryan, Cindy, and Doug decided to get drunk and record. This is what happened.

*Recorded before Easter.

Episode 1 : The Cast that Goes Boom

The very first double-sized episode featuring Jill, Jon, and Diane. The tiresome trio discuss all that shalt never be discussed: abortion, religion, sex education, vajayjays and karaoke. No teabaggers were harmed during the recording of this podcast.

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Secretly Timid Drunk Cast Promo

This is what happens when you mix 4 friends, 2 microphones, and alcohol.