Episode 11 : The MommyCast

In this week’s episode, Diane chats with Shellie McCullough and Jon’s Mother. The three momma’s discuss parenting styles, identity, and the joys and pains of motherhood. This week’s featured song is “Tell the Lie” by the BellRays.

Episode 10 : Prairie Doggin’ It

Jill and Jon welcome graphic designer Erica Ryan to the cat studio. Topics include this article concerning spirituality and this article about transgendered sunbathing controversy.  OH, and prairie dogs. Lots of prairie dogs.

The featured song for this episode is “Ricochet Man” by the legend, Moris Tepper.

Episode 9 : Hey Mickey

Writer and crochet enthusiast Mickey Calderone is in the special guest seat for Episode 9. She, Diane and Jon discuss the power of names, reality shows, and pasties. Mickey later shares her struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). The featured song for today’s episode is “We Moved Our City to the Country” By Tracy Bonham.

Open Mic with Secretly Timid : Sobia Khan

Sobia Khan reads her short story, Innocence Lay Dying.

Sobia Khan is pursuing her doctoral degree in Literature from University of Texas at Dallas where she also taught introductory creative writing. Her creative work has been published in Parallax, Sojourn, and Rivers Edge. She has won awards and recognition for her work. At the moment she is working on her first novel and is still dabbling in short stories, her first love.

If you would like your fiction, nonfiction, or poetry featured on Open Mic with Secretly Timid, please contact us at [email protected]

If you enjoyed Sobia’s story, let her know! Leave her a comment below.

Theme song : “I’m the One” by Moris Tepper

Art Appreciation with Jill : T.J. Griffin and Some Other Guy

In the inaugural episode of Art Appreciation, Jill interviews artists TJ Griffin and some other guy about the pros and cons of graduate art school, in-studio behavior, and the ever-so-fine line between introversion and weirdness.

Theme song: “Lately It’s So Quiet” by OK Go!

Coming Soon : Art Appreciation with Jill and Open Mic with Secretly Timid

Secretly Timid is expanding into the creative arts. Join Jill as she interviews visual artists and check out our new Open Mic for the latest and greatest creative writing.