Bitter Films : The Animation of Don Hertzfeldt

A few weeks ago my cool friend Melanie Sevcenko fed me chips and hummus and forced me to watch videos on YouTube. She showed me the work of Italian street artist “Blu” (real name unknown), and I turned her on to Drunk Dial. She then showed me a short film called “Billy’s Ballon,” from award winning animator Don Hertzfeldt.

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Happy Birthday, Devyn!!

A very special “Happy Birthday” to our number one fan, Devyn. We here at Secretly Timid hope you have a wonderful day. You are 21…so you must drink to excess and wake up in a strange place in a puddle of mystery fluid. Think of it as one of those “rights of passages.”

Music Preview : Alexander Ebert

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Our friends over at Vagrant Records just sent us some tunes from Alexander Ebert. We like what we hear. In fact, Jon liked it so much that he did two cartwheels and attempted the chinese splits. It didn’t end well. Here are two tracks from Ebert’s debut album. Expect a full review in the next couple of weeks.


“Million Years”

Just a Little Bit of History Repeating : ThunderCats Reboot

I don’t want to be a ‘hater.’ I really don’t. I know that history repeats. I mean, just ten years ago boot cut jeans were ‘in.’ We were supposed to wear them low on the waist. Now jeans are so tight that avoiding moose knuckle is nearly impossible. Fashion aside, there seems to be a trend blossoming. First it was He-Man, then it was live action G.I. Joe…now it is the ThunderCats….HO.

Was I the last to know? I was just minding my own business when I noticed that one of my favorite childhood memories was trending on the twitter machine. I did a little google-ing and discovered that Cartoon Network is rebooting the series. The series will debut later this year.

I feel conflicted. At first I was like “Oh cool, man….I can’t wait to hear the new intro music.” After a peek at the promotional images my excitement receded like Prince William’s hairline. Is Tygra holding a gun? Why does Lion-O look like Cloud from Final Fantasy? And oh…my sweet Cheetara…what have they done to you?

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Album Review : James Vincent McMorrow “Early in the Morning”

James Vincent McMorrow

Early in the Morning

Vagrant Records

release date : January 25, 2011

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you exiled yourself for five months in a house located on the Irish shores with nothing but musical instruments and recording equipment? Well, if you were James Vincent McMorrow you would leave exile having created a stunning debut album. Early in the Morning (Vagrant Records 2011) was originally self-released in Ireland in early 2010 to critical praise…and praise be to modern technology, for without it this album could not have been created. McMorrow, a multi-instrumentalist, played every instrument and sang every note. The album clocks in at just over forty minutes, so it is perfect for a long car ride or a sexy bath.

Regarding the creation of this album, McMorrow writes, “This record was borne out of my desire to create something singular, take the simplest of chords, wrap them in washes of melody, so lines come in, they drop out, everything ebbs and flows as the songs move towards their inevitable end… Music tends to reveal itself to me over the course of weeks and months. It’s probably quite like sculpting, you have a chisel, you know what’s waiting for you inside the stone, all that’s left is to chip away the pieces and reveal it” (click me for source).

Early in the Morning is a work of art…suitable for listening in its entirety rather than picking apart and adding single tracks to a playlist. Songs flow from one to the next and his voice shifts from a sensual sincerity on songs such as “Breaking Hearts” to soaring to unexpected heights on tracks like “From the Woods.” McMorrow cites writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck as influences, and this can be heard in songs like “This Old Dark Machine.” Overall, my ears give McMorrow’s debut two thumbs up.

Favorite tracks – “Sparrow and the Wolf,” “This Old Dark Machine,” “From the Woods!!”

Most Favorite Track – “Breaking Hearts”

You can buy Early in the Morning via Amazon, iTunes (comes loaded with bonus tracks), or at your favorite local record store. Check out his website by clicking here.

Episode 41 : The Fantastic Four

Although Paul could not get into the box today, we are still the Fantastic 4. Let’s just say that for today’s episode he is playing the part of the “Invisible Woman”. I suppose that would make Danielle “She-Hulk.” Regardless, let us all mourn our fallen hero, The Human Torch. We will miss you, you flaming hero. On today’s show, Jon, Jill, and Diane talk about Cold Stone Creamery jumping on the frozen yogurt bandwagon, a duo in Austin who were arrested for DWI…on a horse, the autism debate, and whether or not promiscuity may be genetic. Later Jon reviews the album, Early in the Morning, by James Vincent McMorrow.

The featured song for today’s episode is “If I Had a Boat” by James Vincent McMorrow

Evening Bender : Hitchhiking with Chelsea

On the very first episode of ‘Evening Bender,’ Paul and Jon welcome humanitarian Chelsea Adelman to the Cat Studio. Chelsea shares her travel adventures and offers hitchhiking tips. (Jon’s lawyer/boyfriend advises our listeners to NOT hitchhike.) Later Jill Skypes in and asks Chelsea and Jon what they do when they are alone. P.S. Jon and Chelsea over share sexy talk.

Episode 40 : Trentasize!!

This show is truly a comedy of errors. Paul turns into a robot and is unceremoniously cut off by the Skype Gods.  Jon talks poker/Jill yawns/Diane blinks. The trio sans robot discuss over-sharing in private settings, home school vs. public schooling your children, and Jill’s new big girl bed. News stories include  a college student who paid for his tuition with one dollar bills,  Gucci Mane’s hot new ink, and Starbuck’s new trenta size.

(Post Show Script – Jon unkinked the kinks. It is amazing what 8 bucks and a conversation with the hot guy at Radio Shack can do!)

The featured song for today’s episode is “Dirty Thing” by Telekinesis.