Episode 59 : Diagnosis Gone

On today’s show, Danielle demonstrates proper one-armed push-up technique, Paul goes to the drive-in and Jon finishes 2nd in a poker tournament. News stories include: a Baylor student arrested for whackin’ off into a passed-out friend’s mouth, a Floridian arrested for whackin’ off on an airplane, and an outbreak of horse herpes forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies. The trio also discuss things not to say in polite company, how one study proves cultured men are healthy and happy, and how another study finds women are less sexually attracted to happy men.

This episode’s featured song is “Safari Disco Club” by Yelle.

New Music Preview : John Gold, “A Flower In Your Head”

John Gold is the poster child for DIY. He has two self-released albums behind him (These Are Color Days (2002), The Eastside Shake (2005)), and his third album, A Flower In Your Head, will be released June 14th on Vagrant Records.

If you are a fan of finely crafted pop songs with a west coast flair, you will love John Gold. Check out two tracks off A Flower In Your Head below. They are free to download as well.


“Baby It’s Your Life”

Episode 58 : Boy’s Night

It’s boy’s night at Secretly Timid. Jon changes his inappropriate ways and Paul shares his favorite podcasts. The two then talk comic books and the season finale of Survivor, The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice. News stories include Lars Von Trier’s Nazi speech at Cannes, residents at a Singapore apartment drinking corpse-tainted water, Canadian parents who are keeping the sex of their child a secret, and another woman hiding things in her lady flower.

This week’s featured song is “Go For the Throat” by The Elected.

The Elected, “Bury Me in My Rings”

The Elected

Bury Me in My Rings

Official Website

Release Date : May 17, 2011

Vagrant Records


Available via iTunes

and Amazon


After taking a five-year break from music, Blake Sennett, the dude from Rilo Kiley and the boy you loved to hate on that show from our formative years, Boy Meets World, Joseph “Joey the Rat” Epstein (and he played Ronnie Pinsky on Salute Your Shorts), is back with a new album from his solo project, The Elected.








Bury Me in My Rings, the third full-length release by The Elected, is a fun jaunt through mid-century West Coast rock. The pop album is layered with soulful harmonies, like on the late-‘70s-era Rolling Stones inspired “Babyface,” and relaxing trips to island escapes, with “Trip Round the World” that brings back the unique sound of the ukulele. Then there’s the David Bowie-esque “Go For The Throat,” which could totally become a personal anthem (and it’s already on repeat).

With simple drums, a grooving bass, and catchy lyrics, Bury Me in My Rings is an uncomplicated, yet refined album that just makes you smile and bop your head. It’s a feel good listen for the summer—a great album for lounging by the pool, driving along the coast, or just chilling.

A side note: four out of the 12 songs are titled after their respective first lines; at least you’ll always know what song you are listening while shuffling through tracks on your iPod.


The Rapture Party

When the roll is called up yonder Jon and Jill will be total Nells and Diane will watch her dog pant.

“Doomsday Averted” by Rasputina is featured in this episode.

New Music Preview : City & Colour, “Little Hell”

Photo by Vanessa Heins

2-time Juno award winning musical phenomenon, City & Colour (aka Dallas Green) will release his 3rd studio album, Little Hell, June 7th. We here at Secretly Timid are anxiously awaiting to review it.

We thought…why not share some tracks? So check out the tracks “Fragile Bird” and “Norther Wind” below as well as a behind the scenes look at his video for “Fragile Bird.” We think his voice is truly one of a kind. Be on the lookout for our review of Little Hell in the coming weeks, and go ahead and pre-order the album via iTunes or Amazon.

“Fragile Bird” Like it? Download it for free.

“Norther Wind”

Poll : The Rapture

Ok, y’all….we’ve been talking for months about the coming end. (You know…save the date, May 21st the Rapture begins…) What do you think?

Seriously though, the Rapture...is it gonna happen Saturday?

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Dead White Zombies Present : blahblah

Hey folks, get on out and get some culture! There are only 6 (count em, 6) performances remaining of blahblah, a critically acclaimed show by noted playwright Dr. Thomas Riccio and his Dead White Zombie crew.

blahblah runs until May 28 over at the Green Zone (161 Riveredge Dr. Dallas, Texas 75207). Tickets are $15 for adult zombies and $12 for student zombies. All shows begin promptly at 8 p.m.

Alexandra Bonifield from the Dallas Examiner writes :

“Exhilarating live theater…

Resplendent with vivid ideas and colorful characterizations, an aboriginal archetypal ambience, along with clearly drawn, commedia-like characters, charming yet edgy, bizarre yet real…It bursts with imagery, concrete and fantastical.

2011 A Space Odyssey meets It’s A Wonderful Life in walkabout dream-time. Doors open unexpectedly, physically, metaphorically, virtually and otherwise….

It’s a State Fair Fun-house full of alarming kooks, raging cranks and mirrors of the soul.

The Secretly Timid crew will be attending next week’s performance. Wanna double date?