Episode 75 : Pederasty

Good Day! On today’s show Danielle sees Neon Indian, Paul hack’s Jon’s wifi, and Diane looks pretty. Hot Topics include : A Brazilian man has snakes and turtles in his pants, a man chronicles his sexual escapades with a dolphin, an Alabaman town offers offenders a choice : church or jail, judge orders Casey Anthony to pay double the cost of the investigation, a child brings a crack pipe to show-and-tell, and a UPenn professor was a no-show on the first day of class…because he passed away 5 months earlier. Other topics include Survivor and the Amazing Race…and the difference between “white” and “white-white.” Oh, and Jon rants about a past English Professor.

This week’s featured music is “4 Minute Mile” by Bell X1.

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The Dallas Video Festival ~ Check it Out

First, a little info via Dallas Video Fest website :

Dallas Video Fest will be Sept. 21-25, 2011 at the Angelika Film Center and The Texas Theatre in the city of Dallas. DVF is one of the oldest video-based festivals in the country and has a legacy that is both memorable and innovative. DVF has shown countless films in the past including the Emmy-award winning documentary “Freedom Riders.” It has showcased work from filmmakers such as Jim Sheridan and Michael Moore and had many notable guests including Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam, as well as television icon and actor Paul Reubens.

This year’s festival will be an event to remember with a wonderful selection of films, as well as, panel discussions, workshops and seminars. Our opening night presentation will be “Film Socialisme,” the new feature from legendary director and French New wave pioneer Jean-Luc Godard. We also will be showing the mixed martial arts documentary “Once I Was A Champion,” about the life and struggles of former UFC Champion Evan Tanner. This feature should be a delight for both fans of mixed martial arts and anyone who loves a great documentary. Another featured screening will be a documentary titled “Connected,” created by the founders of the Webby Awards. Two works from director Spike Jonze, a short titled “Mourir Auprès de Toi” and a vintage skating video of his creation, also will be featured at the festival this year. 

If you couldn’t make it to the Kessler Theater a few weeks back, head out to the Angelika Friday for a 10p.m. screening of Don’t Tell My Wife I’m A Cult Leader. Plus, this Sunday, our very own Danielle’s experimental short, La Route, will screen at noon. Hope to see you all there!

Episode 74 : Sausage Toxin

Mmmm. Sausage. On today’s show Diane is late, Danielle wears skinny jeans, and Paul showers at the gym. Hot topics include : A woman takes DIY to the extreme and injects hot beef fat into her face (and dies), Sarah Palin becomes 10x more interesting, Bioethics bets Michelle Bachmann $10K that she is wrong about the HPV vac, glow in the dark cats fight AIDS, the family of a hate crime victim oppose the death penalty in the case, and Australia allows third gender on their passports.This week’s featured song is “Cement Slippers” by Dengue Fever. Check them out at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin November 6th!

We want so badly to be nominated for the Podcast Awards. It would mean the world to us if you could take a minute and go to www.podcastawards.com and nominate us under the “general” category. Our url is www.secretlytimid.com. Do it and we will love you forever. 

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Episode 74 Pre and Post Show/ Game Night Guys Crossover!

Friends and lovers! It finally happened. After a months and months of courtship, the Game Night Guys and Secretly Timid finally crossed over. Subscribe to the Game Night Guys on iTunes or check out their website to listen to the special Pride 48 episode.

Episode 74 : Sausage Toxin PreShow:

PostShow video

On Episode 74 Jon references a lightning storm. Said lightning storm is included at the end of the video. The song is “Ant in Alaska” by Liz Phair.

Episode 73 : Stalking A Vampire

Good Day to you, kind sir. It’s still blistering hot in Big D, lucky for us we have our double D’s (Diane and Danielle) to cool us off! On this week’s show Paul stalks a vampire, Danielle plays You Don’t Know Jack, Jon swears to never again say, “retarded,” and Diane leaves early. Hot topics include: An Angry Birds theme park opens in China, a bank robber posts incriminating photos on FaceBook, a woman calls her ex 65,000 times. a Swedish Elk loves getting fucked up, Serena Williams is up to her old tricks, and a Floridian vampire bites an elderly homeless man in the face.

This week’s featured song is “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian. Neon Indian’s latest album, Era Extraña, is out today! He is set to perform in Dallas at the beautiful Granada Theater Sept. 24th.


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