Episode 80 : Fill Her, Buster!

Hope you all aren’t too candy-filled! On today’s show Danielle, Paul, and Jon talk politics which prompts Jon to resurrect his Eric Cantor impression. That guy is such a douche.

Hot topics include : A man calls police and claims his hookup is a burglar (because his girlfriend was home), a man is on a mission to masturbate in every Starbucks in NYC, a kindergartner beats up his teacher, a church Halloween event bans ‘cross-gender’ costumes, and the TSA has a blog.

This week’s featured song is “Movin’ On” by Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations

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Monday NerdGasm : Secretly Timid Available on Stitcher Radio!

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It’s true! For those of you who are living in 2008 and do not know what Stitcher is- Stitcher SmartRadio is a free app that allows you to stream your favorite podcasts and radio shows directly on your smart phone or tablet. Let’s say you are taking a roadtrip between here and cool and forgot to sync your tablet or smartphone…well, with Stitcher you can simply stream your favorite shows! No need to sync! Click the link, download the app, and add Secretly Timid to your list of favorites today!

October 27-29. UTD Dance Ensemble present “V.I.P.”

Birgitt Bodingbauer

The UT Dallas Dance Ensemble presents V.I.P. on October 27 -29, at 8:00 PM. The event is held in the University Theater located on the UT Dallas campus.

For UTD Students tickets are free. UTD faculty/staff/alumni, other University students, and seniors 55+ discounted ticket of $10 with an ID. And $5 tickets for those under 18.

Simone Grindel

The UT Dallas students have been working closely with two award-winning choreographers from Berlin, Birgitt Bodingbauer and Simone Grindel. The guest artists will be performing along side the UT Dallas student dancers.


For more information visit: http://www.utdallas.edu/news/2011/9/14-12741_Guest-Instructors-Help-Dance-Students-Stretch-Skil_article.html


Episode 79 : Lollipops and Armadillos

Happy Halloween Week!!! On today’s show Diane buys a house, Jon gets slow-rolled, and Paul and Danielle get older.

Hot topics include : a man with a 100 lb scrotum seeks money for surgery, a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream flavor pisses off a humorless group of mothers,  an Irishman tries to turn his poo into gold (surprise, surprise…it doesn’t end well), a Texan woman is assaulted by a flying frozen armadillo, Miami bans the sale of “potheads” candy, a couple are caught having sex in a museum, and a new study shows a correlation between the amount of facebook friends one has and brain size.

Photo by Paul Bridgewater

This week’s featured song is “New Armor” by ANR.

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