Episode 97 : Mustache Ride

Greetings friends and lovers, and welcome to another all-new episode of Secretly Timid. On today’s show Jon smells, Paul screams, and Danielle professes her love of the mustache ride. The timid trio discuss the Academy Awards (and judge the fashion) and the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Hot Topics include : A website claims to turn deceased Mormons gay, wheelchairs from the future will be controlled via tongue rings, and are you man enough to join the UTB league?

This week’s featured song is “Closer” by Japanese Voyeurs.

* * *

Episode 96 : Juicy

Yay! It’s Secretly Timid Tuesday!

On today’s show the cast plays some voicemails, Jon may have found a new Cat Studio, Paul dishes out some puns, and the ladies collaborate on a future art show.

Hot topics include : ESPN get’s all racist, a teacher coerces her fifth graders to make holiday cards for her incarcerated, child-porn possessing beau, a valentine’s day kinkfest ends badly, a naked man steals some socks, and an electronic cigarette blows up in a Floridian’s mouth.

*correction!!! Jon said on the show that Jason Somerville is the first openly gay poker player. Of course he meant to say first openly gay MALE poker player. Vanessa Selbst is also a poker player, and is a lesbian, and is all sorts of awesome. I swear this was just a gaffe. I love Selbst and Somerville.

 This week’s featured song is “Nights in Nante” by Goldroom

* * *



This Saturday!! 500X Gallery Presents : 500XPO

Hope to see you all there!

500X Gallery
500 Exposition Avenue
Dallas, TX 75226

Juror: Aaron Parazette

February 18- March 4

500XPO is our annual juried exhibition highlighting the best of up-and-coming artists in Texas.  Here’s your chance to discover someone before they are internationally famous!

This year’s 500XPO artists are: 

John Aasp

Joshua Banks

Willie Baronet

Michael Blair

Jeff Bradley

Lindsey Brown

John Calabrese

Jim Clement

Kristen Cochran

Kenneth Collins

Jack Cornell

Carrie Crumbley

Andrew Currey

Jose Dominguez

Kathleen Donovan

Kathryn Falvo

Cydney Ferguson-Brey

Jessica Fuentes

Jonathan Garcia

Devyn Gaudet

Lori Giesler

Timothy Griffin

Steve Hamilton

Blake Hampton

Jessica Hargrave

Stuart Hausmann

Ayesha Hayat

Lauren Herbst

Amy Herzel

Ronnit Ilan

Shawn Jackson

Alison Jardine

Graham Jones

Kelsey Kilcrease

Matthew Koons

Philip Lambert

Travis LaMothe

Seth Lawrence

Matthew Lee

Tsun-Chuan Liang

Kristin Lockhart

Lucas Martell

Nathan McGuire

Oscar Mejia

Thomas Menikos

Nathan Milas

Ashley Milow

Tiffany Milow

Mark Mueller

Shayne Murphy

Anh-Thuy Nguyen

Brandon Nichols

Irby Pace

Ricardo Paniagua

Alizsha Pennington

Simone Riford

Andrew Riggins

Evett Rolsten

Jessica Sailors

Timothy Seifert

Janan Siam

Kristina Smith

Olivia Smith

Kent Sollenberger

Alison Starr

Frank Tringall

Magan VanGroll

Michael Westfried

Tori Whitehead

Kristen Works

Michael Wynne


Episode 95 : VD

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! The show is just a true Comedy of Errors. We’re talking phone rings, bumpers running amok, and chords being unplugged left and right. We could edit all that shit out…but we believe that it is the flaws that make you beautiful.

On today’s show Diane is Between Here and Cool, Danielle is not easily offended, Paul apologizes to Alonso Duralde, and Jon wants to get tasered.

Hot Topics include : Whitney Houston passes away, women want to be beat by Chris Brown, being sleepy and drunk leads to creativity, a model with a 20 inch waist just lurves chocolate, and CPAC brings out the closet cases. Other topics include this past week’s The Walking Dead mid-season premier (SPOILER ALERT MOFO’S!!) and this coming week’s premier of Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Photo By Steve Gullick

This week’s featured song is “Sweet Sour” by Band of Skulls.

* * *



Carsie Blanton, “Idiot Heart”

Carsie Blanton

Idiot Heart

Official Website

January 31, 2012




CD Baby

Fair warning : This review is not fair and balanced because I swallowed the Carsie Blanton kool-aid, and like her third album, Idiot Heart, it went down just fine. Blanton’s voice is equal parts chanteuse and girl next door; inviting, subtle but not a wallflower.

On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid Danielle asked me if Blanton was country…and I stumbled before answering ‘no.’ Some tracks like “Idiot Heart” follow a pop-country model, yet Blanton is one of those artists that is not easily labeled; and to do so would be a waste of time. The Virginia native/Philadelphia resident sonically references that great Americana music, and it is no wonder that she counts artists like Patti Griffin and Billie Holiday both as influences.

Blanton is a gifted singer-songwriter living in a time of electronic samples and catch phrases. On “Backbone” Blanton sings, “you give your heart but I want to see your backbone.” The song tells an all too familiar story; but her approach is special. Although the lyrics tell a somber story the bass line is funky and the vocals cheery. Another stand out track is “Smoke Alarm” which you can check out below:

The connection between love and loss, sex, life and death, is explored in Idiot Heart.

“That connection was the spark that lit up all these songs,” Carsie says. “The concept came to me about a year ago and then I started seeing it everywhere: la petit morte, the femme fatale, ‘looks that kill,’ incubi and succubi, vampires… all these ideas imply that there is a relationship between sex and death. I think the relationship is that people feel most alive during sex, and in some deep part of our brain, it reminds us that one day we won’t be.”

Blanton is no stranger to critical praise. If you are looking for an album full of great stories, tight arrangements, and stunning vocals then this album is worth the cost. Check out some of her live performances below as well as the awesome video for “Baby Can Dance.”