Episode 109 : Pie Hole

Hope you all had a great Memorial’s Day! On today’s show, Diane returns, Danielle’s loins burn, and Jon got it at Versace.

Hot Topics include : An Arizonian cat-eating woman is found with 64 animals, a maid in Singapore spikes her bosses coffee with her menstrual blood, a man is ticketed for not using his emergency break after his jeep plunges off a cliff, and a man is shot after he is found eating another man’s face.

This week’s featured song is “Home” by Half Brother. Check out their Tumblr and grab their EP off of Soundcloud!!

* * *

Episode 108 : Call Me Maybe

On today’s episode of Secretly Timid, Dani is back, Jon is overtly inappropriate, Paul knows how fingers work, and special guest Amanda Preston sings like an angel…but winks like a Devil.

Hot topics include…errr…well….we barely got to the hot topics this week…we were too busy catching up with Danielle!

This week’s featured song is Every Single Night by Fiona Apple from the album, The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do . Yep, it’s a mouthfull! The album will be released June 19th. She’s a genius. Buy it.



* * *

Episode 107 : No Apologies

Shhhh! On today’s episode Paul’s husband, Michael, sits in for a busy Dani G while Jon bitches and drinks some super potent Indian Beer.  The trio discuss a variety of topics including : President Obama voices his support for gay marriage, a man stabs his friend after an argument over who was better in bed, Pauly D gets sued, assfucks buy a Trayvon Martin shooting range target, and RIP Maurice Sendak. 

This week’s featured song is La Grande by Laura Gibson.

* * *

Episode 106 : Eat it, Crush it, Blow it

Hello, dear friends. On today’s show listener Sydnie joins Jon and Paul in the beginning, and Danielle returns for the very end!! Why? Oh, because we were on the latest episode of the Game Night Guys!

On this week’s episode, Jon pimps out podcasts Bitches be Trippin’ and Mutant A Day, Paul  is a guest on 7th Row Center, and Sydnie has aspirations of starting not one, but two podcasts!

Hot Topics include : Meat Glue, Jacob and Bella are top baby names, Hustler wins lawsuit and publishes photo of slain woman, and a woman gets a powdery surprise in her tampon box.

This week’s featured song is Kiss Them For Me by School of Seven Bells. It’s a single. And you should buy it!


* * *