Episode 113 : Nightcrawler’s Little Bit

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Danielle is covered in mosquito bites, Paul gets elected, and Jon stares at Nightcrawler’s package.

Hot topics include: Jerry Sandusky was found guilty, gropers pick the wrong victim, the Octomom releases a “self-pleasure” video, and an elderly woman is bullied on a school bus.

This week’s featured song is  never stop by The Toxic Avenger off the album, Angst.


* * *

Episode 112: [email protected] Shower

Welcome to another fine episode of Secretly Timid. Danielle has food poisoning!! Oh NO! But don’t fret, Amanda Preston is in studio…and she brought a friend name J.M.! All that and Paul is back from his week sabbatical!

On today’s show, Jon and J.M. share some embarrassing self-love stories. Jon, J.M. and Amanda share high school stories (they went to the same one), and Paul brought cookies!

Hot topics include : a man in Oregon catches the bubonic plague, and a squid impregnates a Korean woman’s mouth.

P.S.~ Sydnie Montgomery has her own podcast! Check out “Gramblings.” Oh, and Paul had a blast with the fine guys from Mutant-A-Day, and visions of our shows copulating populate our most moist dreams.

This week’s featured song is R.I.P. Burn Face by CocoRosie, off the album, Grey Oceans.

* * *

Episode 112 : [email protected] Shower Video Preview


Why should you listen to Episode 112 : [email protected] Shower? Well, the beautiful and talented Amanda Preston returns with a handsome boy in tow. We talked about some colorful, personal, sexual topics. Paul met the fine folks of MutantADay podcast…The end of the show got kinda deep. We all learned that we don’t fuck with Amanda. All in all, a fun show. Listen to it this Tuesday, June 19th on here. or iTunes. or Stitcher. or VO Audio. You get the drift 😉

Episode 111 : Happy Clam

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Amanda Preston returns, Danielle’s loins burn, and Jon is all about the grammar.

This week’s hot topics include : hey, why not have your kid’s birthday party at a gun range?, an obese woman’s corpse sets a crematorium on fire, an artist turns his dead cat into a helicopter, and Gwyneth Paltrow pisses off twitter.

This week’s featured song is One Eyed Fool by Girl in A Coma. It’s from their album, Exits & All The Rest.


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Listener Poll….The Band

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What do you think? Take the poll today and hear what the cast thinks on Episode 111 : Happy Clam, which airs this coming Tuesday, June 12!

Episode 110 : C and B

Merry Secretly Timid Tuesday, y’all. On today’s show, Danielle is injured, Jon is angered, and Paul takes photos of his food.

Hot topics include : A walker stabs himself and throws his intestines at the police, another walker eats his roommate’s brain and heart, a porn star walker flees to Europe (update…is arrested in Berlin), and a homeless walker attacks and tries to eat a baby. In non-zombie stories…a girl posts photos of money on facebook and her parents are robbed shortly after.

This week’s featured song is Marathon Runner by Yellow Ostrich, off their album, Strange Land.

* * *