Episode 126 : Twin Peaks

Howdy, y’all. On today’s episode, the crew discuss some stuff and Delylah looks cute.

Hot topics include: A woman finds out her husband was her father, an Iranian woman attacks a cleric after he criticizes her fashion sense,  makelovenotporn tackles sex education for the modern American, and a New Hampshire Sheriff Candidate vows to use deadly force to stop abortions.

This week’s featured song is The Burden of Being Liked by Texas’ own, Jack with One Eye. Hop on over to their bandcamp page and check out some other tracks!

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Episode 125 : Pride 48 Live!

The following episode of Secretly Timid was broadcast live on Sunday, September 16, 2012 as part of the Pride 48 marathon of podcasts. It was hella fun.

Hot topics included : Amanda Bynes can’t drive, a high school holds a spirit day drenched in rape culture, Rick Santorum calls the Republican Base stupid, and a naked man gnaws on a woman’s head.

A special thanks to all those involved in Pride 48. Thank you so much for allowing us to share the stage with all of you awesome ‘casters. It was an amazing event and we hope to participate again next year. A special, special thanks to all the chatters in the chat room. It was so great to be able to interact with you all in real time. 🙂

* * *


You Came to See An Art Show!!!! Check out “A Misty and Misty Adventure”

A Misty and Misty Adventure

Local creative minds Misty Hardin and Misty Moore come together for the first time to include you in a new adventure!  September 15th, 2012 from 5PM to midnight shop inside the mind of a Misty!


Come inside eXcuses eXtreme Café (3025 Main Street, Dallas TX) for a delightful experience family friendly until 9PM. Afterwards, unwind and let loose with living statues and live DJs!


A door donation and raffle help a local Dallas school EPIC (Pizza) Cones $5,

a marvelous selection of art, jewelry and accessories for sale, a silent auction with feature pieces & a fashion show on the main stage. We are coming together to promote community values by supporting local art education, showcasing recycled, eco-friendly use of materials, and performance art. Come show your support!

Episode 124 : Valleys And Ridges

What? What?! On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Paul is out and Danielle is still in New York, so Nan and Jon are joined by the wonderful Brian Harmless.

Hot Topics include: a judge rules on inmates sex-change request, another judge blames the victim in a sexual assault case, a drunkard accidently kills 70,000 chickens, and a man fakes his death to his girlfriend (and then proposes).

That’s not all, y’all!! Next Sunday Secretly Timid is LIVE!!! As Part of the Pride 48 Annual event. Next Sunday, starting at 3 central- head over to Pride48live.com and click the Listen Live button and the chat button. Once you finish having fun with us, stick around for those fun queers, The Game Night Guys!!!

This week’s featured song is, “BLAST OFF” by Nicky Blitz. Go to his website and grab the track for free!!

* * *

Episode 123 : Shut It Down

Oh my stars and garters. Y’all….Jon got a new computer and for some reason the mics are now super duper sensitive. We apologize if our quality isn’t quite as up to par  compared to past episodes.

Hot topics this week’s include : the Republican National Convention happened, a disgruntled employee bulldozes his office, a new plague hits Yosemite,  and the Texas State Fair is back…and so is their fried food.

This week’s featured song is Paperback Lover by Karlie Bruce.

* * *