Episode 157 : Frank Sinatra is Dead. HA. HA.

157Hello friends. On this week’s episode, David Z fills in while Danielle is at rehearsal.

Hot Topics include

BRMCThis week’s featured song is Let The Day Begin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club





Episode 156 : Miranda Rights

156Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the latest installment of Secretly Timid! On this week’s show, Danielle is back!!!

Hot Topics include :

TheTigerBoxThis  week’s featured song is “knives” by The Box Tiger. CHECK THEM OUT!


7 rc

This week’s podcast pimpout is 7th Row Center!!! Get it, baby!tumblr_mh42g6m12x1qi9zvjo1_400


Episode 155 : betty dRAPEr

155Jon has a canker sore under his tongue and it really, really hurts. Nan decided to make fun of him. This hurt Jon’s feelings.

This week’s hot topics include :

cardiknoxThis week’s featured song is Hold Me Down by Cardiknox

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Episode 154 : Wu Tang Soup

154Welcome to episode 154! On this week’s episode, Jon says some racist stuff, Brian says some sexist stuff, and Nan says the “P” word.

This week’s hot topics include :

Beth HartThis week’s featured song is Bang Bang Boom Boom by Beth Hart. If you are local- hang out with Jon May 2nd and see Beth Hart live!


IAThis week’s podcast pimpout is Inappropriate Conversations. Check it out and let Greg fill your brain with all sorts of knowledge!