Episode 161 : Do Me, Homie

161Whatup? On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon talk about a fight regarding Tim Tebow and plays a voicemail from listener RC from Madison, WI!!

This Week’s Hot Topics include :

emmaThis week’s featured song is Jungle by Emma Louise.


Episode 160 : A Little Black, a Little Yellow

160Yo! It’s episode 160!!

On this week’s episode, Nan, Jon, and Brian talk about Mad Men. Nan finally watches the first episode of Walking Dead, and Nan and Jon reminisce about junior high school.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

406254_10150454935327896_1031702181_nThis week’s featured song is Born to Run Free by Turf War



Episode 159 : This is the Episode the Reviewer Guy should Review

159Good evening, ladies and germs!! On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Dani is back~ but Brian Harmless is out of town.

Nan, Jon, and Danielle play a voice mail from our pal the Satyr, chat about the recent events in Ohio, and break into some hot topics.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

bill-ryder-jonesThis week’s featured song is There’s A World Between Us by Bill Ryder-Jones


Have a great week!! See you next Sunday!



Episode 158 : Dangling Sac

158Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

On this week’s episode, Danielle broke her back, Brian is 41, and Jon hates slutty concert girls.

This week’s hot topics include :

LaurelsThis week’s featured song is Manic Saturday by The Laurels.