Episode 166 : Legalistic Argle-Bargle

166Hot on the heels of a glowing podcast review; it’s time for Secretly Timid! On this week’s show, Brian and Nan fight, Danielle gets poisoned, and Jon is a male, homosexual poet.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

tripewiresThis week’s featured song is Catherine, I Feel Sick by Tripwires.


Episode 165 : Pride 48 Live 2013

165Did you miss the live show? We got you!

On this very special live episode, Jon, Nan, and Danielle chatted it up with the chat room.

Hot Topics include :

Thank’s so much to Pride 48 for allowing us to participate. We can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas!!!



Episode 164 : Mustache Panties

164Erstwhile chicken wings. What up? On this week’s Secretly Timid, Nan is AWOL, Dani is MIA, and Jon and Harmless are all alone. Harmless talks about his MRI experience and Jon investigates whether twitter user Cynthia is a real human being or a robot.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

966406_498804166859464_577803766_oThis week’s featured song is “Oh Come On” by The Julie Ruin


Episode 163 : Indian Giver

163What up, y’all? The keyword on this week’s episode of Secretly Timid is “quarrel.” Nan won the contest!!! Jon has 12 cavities.

This week’s hot topics include :

Check out these fun pics sent to us from our twitter friend, Astanastan 2 aston1japanther

This week’s featured song is Stolen Flowers by Japanther 



Episode 162 : Ghetto Thangs

162It’s episode 162!! On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon talks about his drunken twittering, Nan discloses how she wants her teeth to be penetrated by drills, and Danielle talks about Dead White Zombies latest performance, T.N.B. (Show opens next Saturday, Dallasites should check it out!!)

This week’s hot topics include :

UG LoversThis week’s featured song is Au Pair by Underground Lovers.