Episode 178: Racist Romeo



The bird is the word! On this week’s episode Jon and Nan get into (what some may say) a heated discussion. Dani is back. Brian is gone.

This week’s hot topics include :

mother falconThis week’s featured tune is Blue and Gold by Mother Falcon


Project Runway Episode 10

pr10Jon, Nan, and Brian talk about Project Runway Episode 10. BOOM.



Episode 177: Troll

TROLLS - 1992It’s Secretly Timid Sunday. I’m hungover. That’s all you get.

Hot Topics:

technicolor_medresThis week’s featured song is “Technicolor Dreaming” by Cardiknox



Project Runway Episode 8 and 9 Mashup

pro 8 and 9ERMERGOD!! The Secretly Timid cast talks about Project Runway Episode 8 and 9!!



Episode 176 : Comiche Mi Piniche


Jon and Nan are back from an awesome trip to Vegas and ready for a brand spankin new episode of Secretly Timid!!

This week’s Hot Topics include:

966406_498804166859464_577803766_oThis week’s featured song is, Ha Ha Ha by The Julie Ruin


Secretly Timid Live from Las Vegas w/Pride 48!!!

pride 48Did you miss our live broadcast on Pride 48??? Don’t worry, we got you covered. On this special episode of Secretly Timid, Jon and Nan are joined by the lovely Christina from Greetings From Nowhere and Brian from the Game Night Guys. It’s like the Avengers Assembled!!! They talked some hot topics and stuff. Get it.

Project Runway Episode 7 : Best Foot Forward

proru7Jon, Nan, Harmless and Danielle discuss episode 7 of Project Runway.


Episode 175 : Hashtag “White People”

175Danielle is back!!!

This week’s hot topic is…

MILEY F’N CYRUS!!. Never thought I would type that. What is wrong with us?

2ponyboyThis week’s featured song is Trouble by Pony Boy.