According to the Documents

according toWelcome one and all! On this week’s episode Nan, Brian, and Jon rap about some stuff and RC Martinez leaves a fun voice mail. He is from Wisconsin.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Bad SunsThis week’s featured song is Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns


Bronies and Sisteronies



What’s up, y’all? Dani is rehearsin, so it’s just Jon, Nan, and Brian holding court. Dani will be back next week!

This week’s hot topics include :

james-vincent-mcmorrowlargeThis week’s featured song is Gold by James Vincent McMorrow. qhl9gL0

Nan Vs. Myth

nanvsmythIt’s warm again!

On this week’s show, Nan, Jon, and Brian talk about Greek mythology (was it based on real events?) and Chris Christie’s Bridgegate.

Mutiny MutinyThis week’s featured song is Stranded at the Drive-In by Mutiny Mutiny. kNL9WkF

The One Thing Men Can Do That Women Can’t

the one thing

Happy New Year!!! On this week’s show we talk about selfies, Sexy Nev from Catfish, and share a recent e-mail.

This week’s hot topics include :

nightmare and the cat

This week’s featured song is “Be Your Own God” by Nightmare and the Cat