Pride 48 Live! 2014 Edition

abd-3-31-2014 They LiveDid you catch Brian and Jon on Pride You didn’t??? Well, then, here you go!

Hot topics include:

Plus! The two answered chat room questions and talk Orange is the New Black.

Cody ChesnuttThis week’s featured song is Gunpowder on the Letter (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) by Cody ChesnuTT

The Sounding and the Fury

safIf it’s Sunday, it’s Secretly Timid.

On this week’s episode we scold Kyle for leaving us a voicemail and not using the Speak Pipe app and read some listener email.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

frenchhorn2012This week’s featured song is Swing Into It by French Horn Rebellion (featuring Haerts)


90’s Lady Band


On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon, Brian, and Nan try to hold it together.

This week’s topics include:

JLevinsonThis week’s featured song is, “Free Love” by Justin Levinson



Wishful Thinking

LabyrinthOn today’s show Nan, Jon, and Danielle discuss the “T” word and continue last week’s discussion about the Santa Barbara shootings.

This week’s Hot Topics include:


This week’s featured song is “Haacksaw” by Habits.