Scale of A-Lingus

ScaleofALingusOn this week’s episode, Jon and Nan are joined by Jeremy “Jermy” – a musical man. The trio talk about one woman’s social experiment, a new oil spill, capital punishment, a new measles outbreak, and a cool new gadget which will alert you if you have had too much to drink.


This week’s featured song is Addicted by JMSN


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2 Million Dollars


On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Danielle shares her latest dance performance as one part of Slik Stalkings for George Quarts. Later, Danielle, Brian, and Jon discuss the Supreme Court agreeing to Rule on Same Sex Marriage this year, President Obama’s tax plans, Justin Beiber being offered to do gay porn, a Muslim group meeting for peace faced protesters, Kevin Hart says he will not play a gay role because of what people would think, Ted Cruz’s father fights against equality in Plano, Tx, and (oopsies) that glitter bomb company didn’t know what it was in for.


This week’s featured song is “No Sudden Moves” by Dengue Fever



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Interrogate Yourself

Interrogate Yourself

On this week’s Secretly Timid, Jon and Nan continue last week’s discussion on if it is racist or preference to proclaim you are not if you claim to not date a particular ethnic group. Then, the due discuss Justin Beiber’s bulge, the terrorist attack in Paris, President Obama wants to send you to college, a Ferguson grand jury member sues the special prosecutor, TLC presents, “My Husband’s Not Gay, and PJ Harvey tries something new.

Sunbeam Sound Machine


This week’s featured song is “Real Life”, by Sunbeam Sound Machine 



“You’re cute, but…”

youre cute butWelcome to the first show of the New Year!! On this week’s show, Danielle and Jon are joined by Jill. The trio recap their holidays and talk about “The Real World.”

This week’s Hot Topics include


141203-canopiesThis week’s featured song is Choose Yer Own Adventure by Canopies