Secretly Timid talks Mad Men- episode something and something else…9 and 10 maybe?


Brian and Nan discuss the last two episodes of Mad Men


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Because, Patriarchy


This week’s hot topics include:

hopalongThis week’s featured song is, Powerful Man by Hop Along




Groovy Granny

Groovy GrannyWhat’s up? Nan, Jon, Jermy, and Brian talk about some stuff- OH, and Brian was late….again.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Julian MoonThis week’s featured song is Good Girl by Julian Moon



Mad Men Season 7 Episode 9 : New Business

224164-mad-men-mad-menNan and Brian dive DEEP into this week’s episode of Mad Men

Secretly Timidly Superly Duperly Fun Television Talk

STBJon here ~ The plan was for Brian and I to talk about the last season of The Walking Dead. Well, Brian fucked it all up by not watching the rest of the season…so instead we gave some recommendations on television shows we enjoy and think are worth checking out. Enjoy!

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Mad Men Episode 8 : Severence

224164-mad-men-mad-menNan and Brian Harmless discuss the latest episode of Mad Men.

I Beg Your Hymen

I Beg Your Hymen


Happy Easter!

On this week’s episode, Jon and Brian Harmless tackle all the issues. Every last one.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Fort LeanThis week’s featured song is I Don’t Mind by Fort Lean