Disaster Nudity

On this week’s episode, Jon, Otieno, Ryan, and Regina reflect on the Trump Administrations first week in office. Otieno shares his experience at the DFW Airport protest. It’s not all doom and gloom, though- cause we also discuss exciting new releases from some of our favorite bands. Oh, we also talk about disaster nudity and the rise in the release of young male Hollywood “private” videos.

This week’s featured song is “Two Weeks” by High Up

No More Pins

On this week’s episode, Jon, Otieno, and Regina are joined by Erin, one of Jon’s oldest friends. Topics include the women’s march, the inauguration, Erin’s job as a flight attendant, and alternative facts.

photo by Cortney Armitage

This week’s featured song is “Clowns” by Harsh Crowd

Tiny Hands

At least 17 women have come forward accusing President Trump of sexual assault. In honor of our incoming President, please enjoy “Tiny Hands” by Fiona Apple and Michael Whalen.

Big Daddy P

On this week’s episode, Jon, Cindy, and Ryan prepare for the red invasion. Hot Topics include Trump’s press conference, pizzagate, and a man in Switzerland being convicted for rape for removing a condom during sex and not informing his partner.

This week’s featured song is “Coldblooded” by Duke Garwood.


On this week’s episode, Jon and Regina share their New Year Resolutions and read some listener mail. Also, Jon invests in Bitcoin and talks a bit about addiction.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

This week’s featured song is “Future Boy Today/Man of Tomorrow” by Tobin Sprout. Check out this preview of his new album, The Universe and MeĀ via Stereogum and be sure to pick up the album January 27!