A Jury of His Peers

On this week’s show, Jon retells his experience sitting on a jury, and things get heated.

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This week’s featured song is “A Sickness” by Roya 

Two Weeks

On this week’s show, Jon, Otieno, and Ryan are joined by special guest Megan. Topics include Otieno being loud and not turning off the interior light to his car resulting in the battery dying.

Other hot topics include:

This week’s featured song is “Old Swan” by Mark Lanegan

Paul Tran Baker Man

It’s Paul Tran, Baker Man! Jon interviews former Secretly Timid host-turned budding YouTube star Paul Tran. Discussions include Tran’s new YouTube channel, Paul Tran Baker Man, his podcast, Television Zombies, comics, reality television, and superhero shows.


Paul Tran Baker Man Youtube

Paul Tran Baker Man website

Television Zombies

Real Dolls

On this week’s episode, Jon and Otieno share their regrets and read some listener mail.

This week’s hot topics include:

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This week’s featured song is “Why Are There Boundaries?” by FKJ

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