Am I being a Dick?

So I am slowly getting back into twitter (handle: jonleehart). I follow way too many celebrities…and one in particular is working my nerves hardcore: Sherrie fuckin’ Shepherd.

I know, I watch The View. I got hooked when Rosie was throwing her weight around, and now Joy throws just enough sass to keep me watching. Elizabeth makes me want to slit my throat (although sometimes she surprises me) and Whoopi is just a snooze fest. The show is always better when Babs is gone…and well, Sherrie was always annoying to me.

The annoyance started way back when she said that she didn’t know whether or not the Earth was round. It continued when she voiced her concerns about a woman’s right to choose. I don’t know whether or not she is pro or anti- choice…but given her history with abortions some things she has stated has made her appear hypocritical.

The annoyance factor hit a high note a couple of weeks ago when she and D.L. Hughley started to spread false information about men on the “down low” spreading HIV to their unsuspecting girlfriends. (This all spawned from a discussion regarding gay men being banned from donating blood. The point that was trying to be made was that if black women are contracting the virus at a growing rate should that demographic be banned as well). Anyways, this tumbled down to downlow gay men spreading HIV to their girlfriends.

The problem here is not gay sex or straight sex. The problem is unprotected sex. The problem with Ms. Shepherd and Mr. Hughley is that they not only failed to acknowledge this, but they also failed to acknowledge the various other ways the virus is spread (hello needles.) And ABC’s refusal to correct this sucks monkey balls.

Back to the twitter…well the past couple of days made me realize how often she twats…she twats about busting her ass…about eating dinner with another celebrity…about going to the salon…about being celibate…all day she twats. Today she twatted about how over 3D movies and complained that the only movie theater playing the movie she wanted to see (the non 3D version) airs after her sons bedtime.

I couldn’t control it. I twatted back “There are bigger problems in this world.” I don’t know if she will read it…but the force and speed at which I struck the keys sounded nice and relieved some of my frustration.

So, am I being a dick?

12 thoughts on “Am I being a Dick?

  1. She is as phony as they come and very untalented. You are correct about the abortions. What a wonderful opportunity missed on the downlow segment about protection and a great time for education. Her butt is way too big & she needs a boob reduction. They are hideous! She & Elizabeth are like cat claws on a chalkboard. Don’t know why I watch, but I do.

  2. Nope. You’re just about right. There used to be a time when you had to have some sort of qualification to appear on TV, say talent. On a show like The View, in its original conception, all women had professional backgrounds (journalism, law, entertainer, etc.), now they have an ex-Survivor, a recognizable name (Whoopi), and whatever the hell Shepherd is supposed to be (funny she’s not).

  3. Her name is spelled “Sherri.” (I think it helps to get your ducks in a row when you want to mock someone.)

    Also, I’m a little shocked that anyone would resort to attacking her physical appearance. It’s okay to disagree with or dislike her — I’m not exactly a fan either — but criticizing an African American woman’s breasts or butt seems a tad… I don’t know. Inappropriate?

  4. I wouldn’t feel bad about unfollowing her. If she’s irritating, drop her. Simple. If the show gets too irritating, drop it. If you still like it, watch it.

    I was speaking about HIV/AIDS with one of the black Texas state senators. He says that there’s more going on than the down-low, like sex in prison. In his community, there’s a lot of judgment against people who get tested because that means you had to be doing something to need to get tested. Some people lie about being in Iraq when they were actually in prison. The examples go on but his argument highlighted the need for more education. There’s a lot more than I understand and it would be great if all we had to do was to blame the gay. People can come out and kids won’t be born with HIV. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

  5. Paul, that’s sad to hear and I agree that education would be a good start. It seems like a lot of changes will have to take place in many communities before this epidemic can be curbed. I did hear about a possible new vaccine over the weekend — possible topic for our next podcast?

    Jon, since you took my “condescension” (aka help) so gracefully, I feel comfortable pointing out that there’s no Z in Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s name. 😉

    [You can take the speller out of the spelling bee, but…]

  6. Helping = Opening my door when my hands are full

    Pointing out something as trivial as misspelling = being a dick.

    I do get some sick sense of satisfaction knowing you googled E. Hasselbeck’s name to catch another misspelling.

    Since we are friends I feel comfortable calling you names. See you Weds!!

  7. Um, I actually just know how to spell people’s names. Pointing that out doesn’t make me the D word.

  8. I could be wrong but I think that DC is the only place where HIV is technically an epidemic (an epidemic is when it’s 3% of the population).

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