Bitter Films : The Animation of Don Hertzfeldt

A few weeks ago my cool friend Melanie Sevcenko fed me chips and hummus and forced me to watch videos on YouTube. She showed me the work of Italian street artist “Blu” (real name unknown), and I turned her on to Drunk Dial. She then showed me a short film called “Billy’s Ballon,” from award winning animator Don Hertzfeldt.

The 34 year old animator is an inspiration not for his talent or humor, but for his independence and focus on creating art rather than stockpiling shitloads of money. On his FAQ page of his website he writes, “[taking on advertising jobs] would be exactly like taking time off from the films to drive a cab or paint houses. i’m not rich but i don’t need to take on random jobs that mean nothing to me. the goal is not to try and make as much money as i possibly can, the goal is to try and make good movies.” Well, it turns out that some advertisers copied his signature style to sell their wares; a move I find stinky. Perhaps this experience was a motivation behind his short film “Rejection,” which you can view below.  My favorite part is about 4 mins in. “I am the Queen of France!”


You can view Hertzfeldt’s latest work “Wisdom Teeth” on Bitter Film’s official website.

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