Just a Little Bit of History Repeating : ThunderCats Reboot

I don’t want to be a ‘hater.’ I really don’t. I know that history repeats. I mean, just ten years ago boot cut jeans were ‘in.’ We were supposed to wear them low on the waist. Now jeans are so tight that avoiding moose knuckle is nearly impossible. Fashion aside, there seems to be a trend blossoming. First it was He-Man, then it was live action G.I. Joe…now it is the ThunderCats….HO.

Was I the last to know? I was just minding my own business when I noticed that one of my favorite childhood memories was trending on the twitter machine. I did a little google-ing and discovered that Cartoon Network is rebooting the series. The series will debut later this year.

I feel conflicted. At first I was like “Oh cool, man….I can’t wait to hear the new intro music.” After a peek at the promotional images my excitement receded like Prince William’s hairline. Is Tygra holding a gun? Why does Lion-O look like Cloud from Final Fantasy? And oh…my sweet Cheetara…what have they done to you?

One reason the original Cheetara was so badass was that she wasn’t badass…which made her badass. Kinda like how hot guys aren’t hot if they know they are hot, but are totally hot if they don’t know they are hot. Lemme explain further. Most warrior women in 80’s cartoons (think Teela, or any female from G.I. Joe excluding the Baroness) were depicted as being capable in a fight but were impulsive (I’m looking at you Lady Jaye.) It seems to me that in order to make these female characters more appealing to the target demographic (young boys) they needed to be tomboyish. I suppose the opposite could be said for male characters who appeared in girly ‘toons- like Rainbow Brite’s resident hunks Buddy Blue and Red Butler. The original Cheetara was very feminine. She was the den mother. She twirled herself into trances. She was calm and serene. And if you were one of those evil bad guys she would whack you in the fucking face with her big stick. She was brave, but she didn’t need that silly bravado.

Now I know it is a little early to cast judgement…but based on the character model alone this new Cheetara appears to fall into that female warrior archetype from the 80’s. She’s young, rebellious, and always seems to get into trouble. Ugh…please, please don’t make her a damsel in distress.

P.S. Where the hell is Snarf? What about those annoying kittens Wylie Kit and Wylie Kat? Before the reboot let’s raise our glass and toast the original ThunderCats intro.


2 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit of History Repeating : ThunderCats Reboot

  1. Cheetarah in SHORTS??? and backpack? lara croft ? if this show blows liek the others..it will be responsible for a deformation of a very very special childhood memory

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