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This evening I spent some time with a good friend. We munched on some subs, sipped some wine, and watched some bad reality television. This night it was the one-two, leave your dignity at the door- combo platter of The Real World and Jersey Shore.

Side Note 1 – If you listened to this week’s episode you will hear me ask Jill if I missed an episode of the Real World. It turns out that I did…and tonight I watched the episode I missed. This episode included the country girl going to see her hot chocolate bf’s basketball game, his family being total d-words, the gang going to Mardi Gras, and the girl with the plastic face and the gay guy losing the radio stations digital recorder. What dickheads.

Side Note 2 – 30 is just around the corner for me…and yet I don’t see how I am older than these guidos.  How am I older than Ronnie?

If you are suffering through this season of the Real World (or are just listening to us bitch about it on the podcast) you know there is one cast mate who may or may not be an alcoholic. Her name is McKenzie, but when she drinks she becomes Mary. Mary is a sloppy drunk and is super horny…and her roommates are constantly cock-blocking her. What d words!

I kid. Of course her roommates are protecting her from men who attempt to take advantage of Mary’s drunken horniness. I believe this is the third episode I have seen where one of her roommates sacrifice their own fun and place themselves in awkward situations to protect her drunken vagina. I call foul…and thus began a two minute long debate. I think the roommates should get together and tell McKenzie that she needs to act like a mature adult and monitor her alcohol consumption to keep Mary at bay-and then they should stop intervening and let whatever happen happen. Let’s face it, her roommates aren’t going to be around to protect her forever, and the more they do the more of a disservice they are doing for her. She’s gotta learn…and hopefully she will learn before something terrible happens to her. My friend disagreed with me partly…she thinks they need to protect her, lest something terrible happen.

Thinking back, I am still torn between the possibilities. If I were in their position of course I wouldn’t want anything to happen to Mary/McKenzie, but I couldn’t help but feel that I was being taken advantage of by constantly having to protect her.

What do you think?


I bought a fountain-like water bowl for my pussies. Delylah, the best producer ever, is afraid of it. Do you think she will get over this fear once she is super thirsty? Here is a picture of the fountain. I think it is neat. OH, and a picture of the side table I just sanded, stained, and glossed. I am proud of it. Thank you HGTV!

5 thoughts on “Mary / Fountain

  1. UPDATE!!!!

    It worked. Delylah is no longer afraid of the water fountain. She will not die from dehydration!

  2. So glad for Delylah! Most kitties looooooove running water.

    As for McKenzie/Mary, I want to say that she needs to learn about consequences, and quit expecting her friends to forego their own fun to keep her from getting hurt. Then again, there could be criminal liability if they fail to protect her. It sucks that she would put them in such a position. I guess profound selfishness is one of the hallmarks of addiction.

  3. If I were them I would just refuse to go out with her. She is a mess. I wonder what will happen once her spring break sober dude (who looks more like a grad student) leaves the big easy. I think Mary will make a comeback.

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