Where Have All the “Real” Men Gone?

I’ve been kinda busy this week. As a result I am a little behind on my programs. Late yesterday afternoon I finally got around to viewing Monday’s The View…and I gotta say…it annoyed me a little more than usual.  During the “Hot Topic” segment Elisabeth Hasselbeck attempted to lash out at comedian Bill Maher over a joke he made on his show last Friday. The result was just kinda awkward. E! News captures the exchange below :


First, wow Lara Logan is hot. Second, it was a joke, and if you are going to be in the public eye you need to develop a thicker skin. Third, what is a “real man?” No, seriously. When I hear someone say “so and so is a real man” the picture I get is more Marlboro Man than modern, sensitive man of the new millennium. I see a lot of plaid shirts and rifles. I hear “where’s my dinner, woman?” I smell belches, farts, pork rinds and can imagine hours wasted watching football and  sense twisted fantasies involving tarts in Catholic school girl garb. All stereotypes, I know.I suppose I am just confused as to what Hasselbeck means and am getting so tired of people using this as an insult.

This is the same as Palin and O’Donnell repeating over and over again that “Insert male politician” needs to “man-up.”  What the hell does that mean? Be “strong”? Is that also an insult to womankind? I don’t get it.

Elisabeth, I know we don’t know each other. To be honest, I’ve talked some MAD shit about you behind your back. But dammit, I was just about to *sorta* like you. Ok, ok, “tolerate” is more accurate. But here is my advice…fight fire with fire. If someone uses you as a punch  line, either don’t acknowledge it or retaliate in kind. You have three comedians on the show with you…ask them for some help. Because, you see, I find these gender-based insults trite and irritating. You can do better.

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