Episode 20 : Proud to be an American

Topics for todays show include a new study concerning workplace fornication, a creative post-cremation use for ashes, and Nike’s new (old) shoes. The cast also discuss Blender’s list of the 50 worst artists in music history.

The featured song for this episode is “Fights” by Fallan Soldier.

Episode 19 : Paul eats Pie

On our first Secretly Timid Tuesday the cast discusses typo vigilantes, new entries to the New American Oxford Dictionary (aka the other good book), and a possible z-list celeb sex tape. The show ends with a discussion of weird objects removed from weird places. Oh, and Paul eats pie.

Today’s featured song is “Pictures Collected” by Salim Nourallah.

Secretly Timid Tuesdays

Friends, listeners, lovers, just a quick note to let you know that our production schedule is once again changing. We were rocking the Wednesdays for a couple of weeks, but you know what…hump days are made for humping, not podding. Also, you know we are all Grad students, so each semester our schedule changes. Well, I think this change is for the better. I introduce to you….Secretly Timid Tuesdays. Please, join Jon, Diane, and Jill from 1 -3 ct on Conversations with Rick Vanderslice, then get ready for an all new episode of Secretly Timid! We also have some new episodes of “Open Mic” and “Art Appreciation” in the oven. Thanks again for listening! If you haven’t already, please rate us/review us on iTunes.

CHEERS to a great week. What are you doing for New Years Eve?

Episode 18 : Asteriks

Pretty boy Stanton Stephens fills in for Paul Tran as the quartet take on in-flight baby slapping, Starbucks lingo, and words we didn’t know we were mispronouncing. They also discuss the untimely death of Dr. Frank Ryan and answer a listener question about long distance crushes. And later Diane tosses around racist pet names.

The featured song for today’s episode is “Ozark Empire, or a Snake Oil Salesman Comes to your Town” by Listener Project.

Episode 17 : Just Enough

To the cast’s amazement, Ms. Diane was on time. This week’s episode is chock full of creamy goodness. The quartet discuss the most dramatic exit ever to grace the interwebs, a criminal who prefers to squirt his DNA on his victims, the worst person in the world, and one politician’s affiliation to a secret society. It should be noted that a cast member may or may not be affiliated with the same secret society.

Today’s featured song is “Miss Marylou Carreau” by Mason Proper

Stand Back. There’s a Hurricane Coming Through

I swing to the left. Totally. I am all for equal rights. I am for gay marriage. I am pro a woman’s right to choose. I was hoping for a public option and I am against revising the 14th amendment.  I am a scary progressive, and in Texas I can feel somewhat alone when I watch the local news.

One of the great things about the interwebs and social networking sites is that you can feel that you are not alone, even if you are. Twitter, just to call one such social networking site out, can make you feel like your voice is twirling around the ether with others. Sometimes your voice sings in harmony…sometimes your voice is flat.

I know many of my peers laugh at the thought of me watching pro wrestling. I can’t help it. I was hooked the first time I saw Lita land a moonsault. I am not nearly a rabid fan as I was years ago, but I still watch TNA and WWE. Well, at least they are on my DVR record list…but with Lita and Christopher Daniels out of the limelight…I watch with less intensity.

Twitter is beautiful, and like many others, I follow my favorite pro wrestlers on it. I mostly follow women’s wrestling ( I know, how gay…shout out to Diva Dirt), but I follow some male wrestlers as well. Besides Christopher Daniels, I follow the Hardy’s, Shannon Moore, and Gregory Helms…aka “The Hurricane.”

Today, at roughly 6 pm central time he posted the following (a retweet)

Wow!! LOL I like!! RT @tmarnette: Who is more dangerous? Osama Bin Laden or Obama Been Lyin’?

Now, I was playing in a poker tournament at the time…but I was somewhat offended by this post. I mean…so you don’t like our Pres…let’s say you didn’t even vote for him…are you still going to laugh at someone contrasting him with a terrorist connected to an act of violence which resulted in the death of nearly 3,000 Americans??

I responded to him with the following :

@HurricaneHelms seriously? That isn’t funny at all.

I then felt it right to react to the source…to perhaps open a dialog. So I responded to @tmarnette with the following sequence:

@tmarnette On one side you have a terrorist linked to an attack killing nearly 3,000 Americans. On the other side you have our President

and because twitter limits you, there was a follow up

@tmarnette while I appreciate your play on words and near rhyme, the answer should be self evident.

Mr. Helms responded to me via direct message with the following :

Then don’t laugh, but don’t bore me with lame replies.

Roar tiger…tone the sass down! I feel sorry that I bored him, but at the same time I would be worried if I laughed at contrasting any American president with a terrorist that is still on the lamb. Different strokes I guess.

Twitter law denies me from replying to him directly, because Mr. Helms does not “follow” me. So I had to make my reply public. I typed :

@HurricaneHelms I didn’t laugh, whatevs, We are all entitled to our own opinion. I hope the rumor of you debuting in TNA soon is true.

And I was being honest. Even if we disagree, he is a talented performer and I miss watching him on T.V.

Since I walked right into a handicap match, Ms. Tina from Tennessee had already typed responses to me. She typed the following :

@jonleehart: Pipe down Peter Pan…it was sort of a rhetorical remark. I didn’t need your witty thoughts on that. But thanks.

The beauty of Twitter and Facebook and other Social Networking sites is that it is public, and since the Hurricane retweeted Ms. Tina’s post I saw it…and could respond. Shortly after her direct response to me she tweeted :

Some people have the intelligence of a street sign…

Now, I don’t know if she was referring to me or not. Just to be safe I tweeted :

@tmarnette “stop” can be very good advice

And it is good advice. She responded with :

So can “find something better to do with your time than respond to my tweets”

I haven’t seen that traffic sign.

I tweeted the following :

I’m as Democratic as they come, but I would never ask the question “who is more dangerous, Osama Bin Laden or George Bush?

And I mean it. I am not a fan of W, but I don’t think he is evil.

Shortly after she tweeted :

Andddddddd…. *block* 🙂

Just to test the waters I tried to follow her…and sure enough, that last tweet was referring to me.

The reason why I am blogging about this is just to share with you what I think is so frustrating about our society today, regardless of your political leanings. We are connected, but we aren’t. We could discuss and converse, but too often we just click “block.”

Mary / Fountain


This evening I spent some time with a good friend. We munched on some subs, sipped some wine, and watched some bad reality television. This night it was the one-two, leave your dignity at the door- combo platter of The Real World and Jersey Shore.

Side Note 1 – If you listened to this week’s episode you will hear me ask Jill if I missed an episode of the Real World. It turns out that I did…and tonight I watched the episode I missed. This episode included the country girl going to see her hot chocolate bf’s basketball game, his family being total d-words, the gang going to Mardi Gras, and the girl with the plastic face and the gay guy losing the radio stations digital recorder. What dickheads.

Side Note 2 – 30 is just around the corner for me…and yet I don’t see how I am older than these guidos.  How am I older than Ronnie?

If you are suffering through this season of the Real World (or are just listening to us bitch about it on the podcast) you know there is one cast mate who may or may not be an alcoholic. Her name is McKenzie, but when she drinks she becomes Mary. Mary is a sloppy drunk and is super horny…and her roommates are constantly cock-blocking her. What d words!

I kid. Of course her roommates are protecting her from men who attempt to take advantage of Mary’s drunken horniness. I believe this is the third episode I have seen where one of her roommates sacrifice their own fun and place themselves in awkward situations to protect her drunken vagina. I call foul…and thus began a two minute long debate. I think the roommates should get together and tell McKenzie that she needs to act like a mature adult and monitor her alcohol consumption to keep Mary at bay-and then they should stop intervening and let whatever happen happen. Let’s face it, her roommates aren’t going to be around to protect her forever, and the more they do the more of a disservice they are doing for her. She’s gotta learn…and hopefully she will learn before something terrible happens to her. My friend disagreed with me partly…she thinks they need to protect her, lest something terrible happen.

Thinking back, I am still torn between the possibilities. If I were in their position of course I wouldn’t want anything to happen to Mary/McKenzie, but I couldn’t help but feel that I was being taken advantage of by constantly having to protect her.

What do you think?


I bought a fountain-like water bowl for my pussies. Delylah, the best producer ever, is afraid of it. Do you think she will get over this fear once she is super thirsty? Here is a picture of the fountain. I think it is neat. OH, and a picture of the side table I just sanded, stained, and glossed. I am proud of it. Thank you HGTV!

Episode 16 : Waiting for Diane…

After Diane finally entered the cat studio (after a cat fight between Paul and Jon) the quartet took to the mics and started episode 16. News items included one Republican’s twitter barebacking confessiona store manager using Jesus to dissuade a would-be robber, and controversy over the sale of an old confessional. Later, Jon gets emotional over the proposal on ‘The Bachelorette,’ Jill shocks everyone with her ‘Real World’ knowledge, and the quartet gives advice to a listener who constantly gets cockblocked.

The featured song for today’s episode is “Everyone’s Dead” by The Homophones.

Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday (August 10th) and watch Jill, Jon, and Diane sit in on “Conversations with Rick Vanderslice” on Rational Broadcasting from 1 -3 ct.

Oh, and Prop 8 was declared unconstitutional! Drinks are on us!!