Face Down

This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, we almost make it through the entire episode without talking over each other.  Also, Megan plumbs the depths of the uncanny valley, Otieno has more bad news, Jon’s fight or flight instinct is set to “denial”, and Sara finds an imaginary fetus graveyard.  Oh, and presents!

P.S.  Otieno said he will modify future tellings of that terrible joke to include a strap because he remembered that all worker ants are female.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Oh, and Eartha Kitt was a badass

This week’s featured song is “I Was Fucked By A Cloud” by ANMLPLNET


We Can’t Even

This week’s hot topics include:

This week’s featured song is “Again” by Numb.er 


Kink V Fetish


On this week’s episode, Megan, Jon, Sarah, and Otieno are joined by special guest fine art photographer, L.A. Iversen. Iversen and the quartet talk a bit about art, kink art, and if there is a difference between kink and fetish.

This week’s hot topics include:


This week’s featured song is “Press Play” by the Lay Awakes


Happy Easter (or that one where kids unknowingly play with fertility symbolism).

On this week’s episode, Megan is told to smile, Otieno get’s pulled over, and Sarah may or may not have a stalker…

This week’s Hot Topics (and other points of discussion) include:

This week’s featured song is “Running Away” by the Orange Peels


But That Lawyer Though

On this week’s show, Megan, Jon, Otieno, and Sarah reflect on their week and discuss whether or not Stormy Daniels will be the one to take down the Trump Dynasty.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

  • Austin Bombings
  • Should professors be barred from sleeping with their students?
  • Do people care more about the puppy that was killed on United Airlines than the kids killed in school shootings or victims of racially motivated violence?

Shout outs?

White Metropolis
This week’s featured song is “Lethargy” by Noise Figures

The Shape of Rachel



On this week’s show, Otieno, Sarah, Megan and Cindy chit chat about their week, violence in video games, a Netflix documentary about a woman we really shouldn’t be talking about because there are much better people to be talking about, and lips.

This week’s featured song is “Generation L(ost)” by L.A. Salami

Your Own Personal Manatee

On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Otieno, Megan, and special guest Sarah discuss beavers, parasites, parasite inspired super powers, and dicks. You know, the uje.

Show links:

This week’s featured song is “Hallelujah (So Low)” by The Editors.