The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2, “Sick” ~ A Secretly Timid Review

Part 1 : Synopsis

Fuck that. If you are reading this then more than likely you watched the episode. You need no recap!

Part 2. The Good

  • Crazy Rick – Dude has lost his mind in the best way imaginable! Part of me worried that the prisoner story line would be drug the fuck out like last season with Sophia. But DAMN- when Thomas tried twice to kill him he went all…So I guess we won’t have to worry about him any more. I also love Rick’s interaction with Lori. In one scene in particular Lori attempts to conference with Rick in regard to what his plans were for the prisoners. In this scene Rick says killing them was an option, and Lori tells him he has her support. Rick quips, “you say that now…” alluding to last season’s finale. I wonder how far Rick will push Lori away.
  • Poor Lori – Part of me thinks that the writers had no clue how Lori would be hated after last season and now are doing a swift 360 to make us feel compassion for her character. She quickly rushed to save Hershel, but was one of her reasons for saving him was so he could assist in the birth of her baby? She does seem selfish enough. Regardless, Sarah Wayne Callies is doing an amazing job with this polarizing character. 
  • Carol – Again…the writers listened. I am in love with Carol. This character def. stepped up and is making herself useful. Although…part of me is worried that they are setting us up to like her so we are heartbroken when they KILL HER! (although I really hope this doesn’t happen.)

The Bad

  • Axel – This actor’s accent kills me. It’s part downs syndrome part Gomer Pyle. No good! I think he and the other prisoner could become part of the group…maybe
  • T-Dog – Come on….give this actor something to do already!



I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5. It left me wanting…It really felt as if the writers could have combined this episode with the first episode for a 90 minute premier…but for some reason decided to split the two episode up. At times the pacing felt off…like we were driving on 3 good wheels and one flat. Overall, though…the acting is top notch across the board. Even Beth is starting to feel like a three dimensional character. This season is off to a rocking start.

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Episode 131 : Fighting or Fisting?

Welcome to episode 131!!! On this week’s show, Jon get’s drunk and Nan makes special guest (and new regular cohost) Brian Harmless super uncomfortable.

Hot Topics include : A carjacker gets high, defecates in a cop car and eats his own finger, a woman fakes a hate crime, a firefighter rigs his ex’s dryer to explode, and a cop had plans to murder and eat over 100 women.

This week’s featured track is Sweet Potion by Hanks and Cupcakes.

This week’s episode included a PSA by the one, the only, Mr. Mike Lawson. Head over to BigBlueTest.Org to participate!

Episode 130 : Post Paul Partum

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Nan and Jon discover they share something in common, and Danielle thinks men should be ashamed of their small penises.

This weeks Hot Topics include : a female cosplayer will not put up with bullshit, Illinois Rep Joe Walsh thinks that women no longer die during childbirth, doing gay porn doesn’t make Reese Rideout gay-but it does make his wife look miserable, and a Christian bookstore refuses to sell a book because of the word ‘vagina.’

Special thanks to Rueben Gonzales from the Mutant A Day podcast for chatting with us!!

This week’s featured song is I Have The Gun by Crime and the City Solution.


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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1, “Seed” ~ A Secretly Timid Review

All right. Everyone knows the Secretly Timid crew have boners for the Walking Dead…however, it has come to my attention that not all of our listener’s wanna hear us gush about each episode every week. So to satiate my need to converse I decided to offer my review of each episode. I suppose I should warn you now. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Part 1 : Episode Synopsis

This season premier opens with an action only sequence of our happy survivors (sans Andrea) raiding a house. It is clear that some time has passed because Lori is now totally fat. Later Rick spies a prison off in the distance and decides this could be the miracle they are looking for, what with the ticking time bomb of Lori’s pregnancy set to go off any day and all. The group clear the outer gates of walkers and a gang consisting of Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glen, and Maggie take out the walkers inside the inner gates by utilizing the tried and true Greek phalanx war strategy. Yay! The prison is theirs!

Meanwhile, bad-ass Michonne is beheading zombies and stealing aspirin for her new best friend, Andrea, who looks really hungover. I’m guessing its pneumonia. The duo leave their nest that is a meat locker for greener pastures or something. They don’t know where they are going, but Michonne’s 2 zombie pets in chains will follow.

Meanwhile, our prison crew decide to go exploring in the maze-like inner  halls of the prison. Shit goes down and Hershel gets bit by a lurker zombie. Rick and the crew drag his ass to safety and chop off his leg at the knee. The episode ends with the realization that our heroes aren’t the only living beings in the prison! Some prisoners survived…are they friend or foe? Will Hershel survive?

Part 2 : The Good

  • The pacing of this episode was AWESOME. The Prison looks like some shit went down. In an interview show-runner Glen Mazzera said he wanted to the prison to look like a huge motherfucking zombie movie took place there and our heroes break in after it ended. He succeeded.
  • Carol – I hated you Season 1 and 2 and in just one episode you made me fall in love with you. She’s cheerful, she’s got a little sass, and she is shooting guns. I like her teasing Daryl.
  • Lori – Goddamn you writers!! I wanted to continue my hate for this character…yet I am feeling empathy for her due to how poorly Rick is treating her. I know, she deserves it…and the longer she is pregnant the more it is likely the baby isn’t his…but damn…it’s the zombie apocalypse! Life is too short to be a dick to your wife. Even if she was an uber bitch. Lighten up. She is pregnant and scared. Although, she shouldn’t be worried that the baby would be a zombie and rip through her. Babies are super weak and have no teeth.
  • Rick- He’s dark. Super dark. He has become the character the fanboys were whimpering for. I am interested to see how far he will go before he comes back to humanity.

Part 3 : The Bad

Its like, logical and stuff – My biggest gripe…my BIGGEST gripe…is when the writers pull unrealistic shit for the sake of the story. Per example- Lori is super pregnant. Ok, so Hershel is no doctor, but he’s delivered dozens of baby pigs and horses, so he is qualified. Now, dear reader…if your wife was uber preggers in the zombie apocalypse and all you had was a FUCKING vet to aid in the delivery of a baby that may or may not be yours…would you allow the vet to go exploring the unsecured prison? Would you? No, that is not logical. Yet, for the sake of the story Rick allows the geriatric vet to go exploring in a bullet proof vest. Whatever. RIP Hershel’s leg.


Part 4 : The Verdict

Overall, I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was  a great premier….can’t wait to see the next episode. What did you all think?


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