Episode 153 : Tropes Vs. Beaver Fever

153Did you catch the Season Finale of the Walking Dead? Jon is in mourning.

On this week’s show- Jon’s co-worker Jimmy fills in for Danielle who is in New York City. The cast answers some e-mails and takes to facebook to talk about what some of our listener’s wanna talk about. Oh, Jon and Harmless drink some wine. This leads to Jon nearly blowing everyone’s eardrums out. Whoops.

This week’s hot topics include :


And here are the feminist frequency videos  commented on (and the reaction video reacted on.)

le sexoflex

This week’s featured song is “Procrastibate” by Le Sexoflex. Go and grab their album. Pay what you can!!!



Episode 152 : Little Boxes

Tilda Swinton in a glass box, MoMA, New York CityDON’T PUT DANIELLE IN A BOX!!!!

This week the crew talk about some stuff, answer a fan email, and play a speakpipe from Greg.

This week’s hot topics include :

frauenThis week’s featured song is “Balaclava” by Frauen.

Check ya next week!


Episode 151 : People Be Trippin’



151Happy Secretly Timid Sunday, Y’all! (Or Monday) (Or whenever you choose to read this or hear us).

On this week’s show Harmless is still out of town, Danielle has an allergic reaction to something, Nan decides not to wear deodorant, and Jon feels the need to defend Walking Dead’s Andrea.

This week’s Hot Topics come courtesy of Greg, Alexi, Joe, and Mindy! Yay for them!! The topics discussed include :

skyThis week’s featured song is Featherlight by Skye



This week’s podcast pick of the week is I Can’t Believe I’m a Loser. Check em out!


Episode 150 : Severed Heads

SONY DSCIt’s Sunday!

On this week’s installment, Danielle is BACK!!! She shares her experience in California and Nan tells us all about her planned parenthood trip last week. The trio listen to a voice mail and respond to an email and talk a little Walking Dead and a little Project Runway.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

rosco bandana

This week’s featured song is Feels Like Alabama by Rosco Bandana

madOur podcast pick of the week is Mutant-A-Day!!! You like the X-Men? This is a podcast for you!



Episode 149 : Fake French


This week we read some e-mails and played a speak pipe by our favorite Antony from a slew of podcasts (which sparks a debate.) We talk some Walking Dead and Nan shares some Nan-stories.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

Total-WarrThis week’s featured song is Bambastard (feat. The Death Set) by Total Warr.

satyrThis week’s podcast pick of the week (finally) is the Satyrsphere! Hop on the Satyr Plane!