Project Runway Episode 6 : Lets go Glamping!

pro ru 6

Jon, Brian Harmless, Nan, and special guest Christopher Bragg discuss Project Runway episode 6!


Episode 174 : Girl Code


174Greetings one and all!

This week’s hot topics include:


This week’s featured song is Fix You Good by the Impossible Girl.


Project Runway Episode 5: Bad, Weird, Funky

Pro Ru 5Jon, Nan, and Brian chat about Episode 5.


Episode 173 : Meltdown


173You are out of order!

This week’s hot topics include :

DuquetteJohnstonThis week’s featured song is Rabbit Runs a Destiny by Duquette Johnston.


Project Runway Episode 4: Tie the Knot

Pro Run 4Jon, Nan, Brian, and special guest Christopher Bragg talk about Project Runway Episode 4.

Oh- and click here to see the image referenced in the episode



Episode 172 : Everything’s Problematic

172Snap! Nan and Harmless get in a fight!!!! Get some popcorn!!!!

This week’s hot topics include :

Tessa+Rose+JacksonThis week’s featured song is Lost and Found by Tessa Rose Jackson


Project Runway Episode 3 : Cranky Kitsch

3Nan and Jon discuss Episode 3 of Project Runway.


Episode 171: MasterDebater


171What up??? On this week’s show Harmless is back and special guest Zoe Dune fills the room and the podcast with his awesomeness.

This week’s hot topics include:

sharonThis week’s featured song is Serpents by Sharon Van Etten.


Project Runway Episode 2 : Million Dollar Runway

2Jon and Nan talk about episode 2.


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