The Walking Dead S4 E3 : Isolation

wd 3

Holy Moly!!! What a great episode of The Walking Dead!!! Jon and Brian talk all about it!!!

Project Runway : The Finale!!!!

project runwayOMG y’all!!! Jon, Brian, Nan and Christopher talk all about the Project Runway Finale and Reunion!


Episode 182: People Sometimes Like to Joke


182New Cat Studio!!! WOOT!!!! This week, Brian, Jon, and Nan sit around and reminisce about the days of old.

This week’s Hot Topics include :

the_octopus_project_CROPThis week’s featured song is “Perhap” by The Octopus Project.


The Walking Dead S4 E2: Infected

Walkind Dead 2Jon and Brian discuss the second episode of The Walking Dead, “Infected.”

Walking Dead 25

Episode 181 : Disturbathon

181Guess what- this episode was pre-recorded. Right now Jon is cleaning his old apartment…and God only knows what Brian and Nan are up to.

We talked about some stuff. Enjoy!!


This week’s featured song is Safe and Sound by Capital Cities.


Walking Dead Episode 1 : 30 Days without an Accident

WD1The Walking Dead is back!!! And Jon and Brian talk all about it!!splat1

Project Runway Episode 13



By now you know the drill. We talk some Project Runway.



Episode 180 : 180

180What up, y’all?? Nan, Jon, and Brian are back for an all-new episode of Secretly Timid. (Actually, we recorded 3 shows because we are on hiatus due to a NEW STUDIO COMING SOON!!!)

Hot Topics include:

quasiThis week’s featured song is “War Pigs” by Quasi


Project Runway Episode 12

12It’s Thursday!!! Let’s talk about Project Runway!! Jon, Brian, Danielle and Christopher talk about the Butterfly Episode, and Jon talks about his criticism of Justin and exposes the Secretly Timid pecking order. project-runway-justin-hearing-aid-gif


Episode 179 : Shut It Down

179What up? On this super fun episode of Secretly Timid, Jon, Brian, and Danielle are joined by Matt Rox and Dianna. What do we talk about??? Well, hot damn…what happened last week??

By the dubs, Matt Rox is part of an art show that takes place Monday, October 7th at Two Bronze Doors!

vowsThis week’s featured song is Symbol System by The Vows