1753545-asteriskGirl Code!

Jon and Nan are joined by special guests Diane Durant and DZ. They talk about stuff and things.

This week’s super fun Hot Topics include:

4148This week’s featured song is “Nightmares” by The Echo Friendly



The Walking Dead : After

herselJon and Brian discuss the latest episode of the Walking Dead, “After”.

I Prefer Animals to People


grumpy cat

What’s up, studs y studettes?

This week’s Hot Topics include:

macedoThis week’s featured song is “Your Skin” by Macedo



The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone

walking-dead-season-4b-midseason-rick-carl-posterJon and Brian talk about the episode “Too Far Gone.” WOOT. New episode this Sunday!!



Jon, 1. Everyone else, 0.



Brr. It’s cold outside. But it’s warm inside. 🙂

This week’s Hot Topics include:

cardiknoxThis week’s featured song is a WET remix of Technicolor Dreaming by Cardinknox