No one Likes a Bossy Bottom


bossy bottom


It’s Secretly Timid Sunday! Danielle is back!

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Amy RayThese week’s featured song is Oyster and Pearl by Amy Ray


The Walking Dead, “Still,” “Alone,” and “The Grove”

walking-dead-season-4b-midseason-rick-carl-posterJon, Jill, and Brian discuss The Walking Dead episodes, “Still,” “Alone,” and “The Grove”

Research and Development



Yo. Guess who is back in the Cat Studio? It’s Jill! Jon finally returns her headphones after 4 years!

This week’s Hot Topics include:

the-new-royales-sqThis week’s featured track is a cover of the White Stripes’s “Fell in Love with a Girl” by The New Royales



GUATEMALA-AGATHA-DAMAGEWe are back! Nan is afraid of sinkholes.

This week’s hot topics include:

DuckyThis week’s featured song is Two over Ten by Ducky






This week it’s just me! I rambled about all sorts of stuff like commercial, oil pulling, and Law and Order : SVU.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

CardiknoxThis week’s featured song is Wasted Youth by Cardinknox



The Walking Dead, “Inmates” and “Claimed”

walking-dead-season-4b-midseason-rick-carl-posterJon and Brian talk about the last 2 episodes of The Walking Dead! What did you think?