Hulk’s Crotch


IMG_1650Happy Halloween!!!

This week Brian, Nan, and Jon are joined by Hulk Smogen. The foursome discuss America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway,and the Walking Dead. SPOILERS!!

They also discuss this week’s school shooting, a hate crime being thwarted at DFW airport, and Annie Lennox white-washing “Strange Fruit.”

april-march-02This week’s featured song is Chick Habit by April March





On this week’s episode, Jon, Nan, and Brian are once again joined by special guest Ryan Obermeyer! There is some quick Fair talk, and a 5 min review of Project Runway and The Walking Dead.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

acid baby jesus

Acid Baby Jesus in Greece

This week’s featured song is Row By Row by Acid Baby Jesus


Interrogate Your Porn Choices

Interrogate your pornWe are back-and we brought a special guest!

On this week’s episode, Brian is late and tipsy, Jon nominates Greg Abbot for all the filibusters, Nan wants you to stop using “female” as a noun, and special guest Ryan Obermeyer is not afraid of a little Ebola. We also have a Danielle update and talk about the Project Runway contest!

This week’s Hot Topics include:

ImaniThis week’s featured song is 30th Birthday (feat. J. Martin Coppola & Pete Miser) by Imani Coppola