Girls On Crack

I bet you didn’t expect to hear from us so soon! This week is  a stripped-down Secretly Timid, as only Brian and Jon are in studio. The duo discuss last week’s Benghazi special hearing, a new law in Texas that would allow Teacher’s to use lethal force in the classroom, and how “Texas” is now slang in Norway.

Jacky Winter

This week’s featured song is “Half of It” by Jacky Winter




Man Calls 911

Man Calls 911

On this week’s show, Jon listens to his neighbors bone, Brian can’t seem to get a certain something out of his mouth, and the group talk about the man with no penis.

VSanThis week’s featured song is After All by The Van Sanchez


Proud Daddy

proud daddyOn this week’s show, Jon, Brian, Jermy, and Jill discuss the increase in on campus shootings, Justin Bieber’s father’s recent tweets, Perez Hilton’s instagram, Ravon Simoné’s recent statements on the View, and how one college plans to protest the recent campus carry law.

NCurtainsThis week’s featured song is How to Survive the End of Time by Nervous Curtains 


Ferris Wheel Intercourse Club

FWICWelcome to our very first “politics-free” podcast…So, Jermy joined a sex cult. We discuss.


This week’s featured song is My Song 9 by Nova Heart