On this week’s show, Otieno, Jon, Ryan, and Cindy recall 90’s band L7. Otieno likes PJ Harvey’s nose. Everyone’s automobile is working (but Cindy’s water pump is making strange noises.)

This week’s Hot Topics include:

This week’s featured song is “Silver Fox” by Little Beards 

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Wykke Li

On this week’s show, Cindy, Jon, Otieno, and Ryan talk what role race plays in comic book characters, the latest wikileaks drop, and Trumpcare.

This week’s featured song is “You Can Keep your Winters” by The Man from Managara

Get Out

On this week’s supersized show, Otieno, Regina, Cindy, Erin, and Jon are all in studio and share a more lighthearted conversation about sex, anatomy, and childhood digressions. They also talk about the movie, “Get Out”.

This week’s featured song is “Rolleiflex” by Blaire Alise and the Bombshells