Happy Birthday, Diane

Happy Birthday, Diane! We hope you have a great day! In lieu of gifts, Diane asks that you write a review of Secretly Timid over on iTunes. So you should do that, and leave a happy birthday comment below…because….you know, she is getting older and more sensitive.

Episode 37 : Top Picks 2010

The cast discuss their top pics for 2010. They are (drum roll in your head)


Jill : Thrift Store Cowboys “Bright Fire”

Diane : The Weepies “I Was Made for Sunny Days”

Paul : The Cast of Glee “Teenage Dream”

Jon : Janelle Monae “Tightrope”

Danielle : The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio”


Jill : Winter’s Bone

Diane : Winter’s Bone / Taking Chance

Paul : The Concert

Jon : Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Danielle : Kick-Ass


Jill : Teen Mom

Diane : Parenthood

Paul : Doctor Who (Series 5)

Jon : The Walking Dead

Danielle : Teen Mom


Jill : George W. Bush “Decision Points”

Diane : Nicole Krauss “Great House”

Paul : Alonso Duralde “Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas”

Jon : Philip Caputo “A Rumor of War”

Danielle : Christopher Moore “Bite Me” / Patrick Suskind “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”

News Story

Jill : Joran van der Sloot

Diane : Wiki Leaks

Paul : Earthquake in Haiti

Jon : DADT Repeal / BP Oil Spill

Danielle : Mining Accident in Chile and New Zealand

The featured song for today’s episode is “All We Ask” by Grizzly Bear

Episode 36 : A Very Merry Secretly Timid

We wish you all a Happy holiday season. On today’s episode, Jon talks about what he saw during his graduation (it’s smaller than a bread box) and praises the restaurant Urban Crust. Also, Jill, Jon, and Diane take an online quiz that is supposed to guess your generation and discuss the retrial of Billy the Kid and debate healthcare. The gang later discuss how one man has been cured of AIDS and share their Christmas plans.

Today’s featured song is “All You Do is Crazy” by Fate Lions

Episode 35 : X Offender

Burrr….it’s cold outside…

On today’s episode of Secretly Timid the gang focus on faith and security. News stories include The Phelps clan’s Elizabeth Edwards funeral protest, whether or not this baby is cute or creepy, and further discussion on last weeks atheist bus-o-rama. We also discuss one filthy apartment and one man’s peculiar huffing choice, Equality Texas’ newly released polls, a NC teen’s death and TSA security flaws. Oh, and the gang play a game called “Guess who lives near the most sex offenders.” Paul won. P.S. Jon graduates Saturday and kisses academia goodbye.

Today’s featured song is “Devils” by Say Hi.

Episode 34 : Plugged Holes

On this weeks episode of Secretly Timid the group discuss the Unicorn meat boycott in Germany, a controversial Atheist ad in Fort Worth, 5 things you love to discuss that no one cares about, a food recall, and The Walking Dead season finale. The group also act out a funny facebook fight between Jon and Mickey C from episode 9 and share a funny auto-tune tune courtesy of Paul (who is out sick).

This week’s featured song is “Marathon” by Tennis.