Episode 0 : The Project

The project that started it all. 3 friends: a writer/photographer, a poet, and a visual artist talk creativity. Also- very few f bombs…a milestone of sorts.

4 thoughts on “Episode 0 : The Project

  1. I say “like” too much, especially considering how often I criticize “kids today” for doing the same thing.

    Also, I love our podcast.

  2. I always hope that something doesn’t have to go terribly wrong in order for people to come to grips with what is truthful. It’s depressing to think that appreciation requires crisis. It would seem that the only salvation for human beings would be in figuring out how to appreciate the crisis without having to endure it to death. Generally, we’re not good at it, but I think it can be done, and often. We can learn hard truths the easy way, even without the primary suffering to draw from. And we can create every bit as well without abusing ourselves. Martyrdom is too self-important to me to be worth what shakes out. Too much dramatic effect. I’d say that the best creators can make emotive works based on what they’ve heard and empathized with as opposed to what they’ve personally experienced. I hope I’m right.

    Oh, and there is such a thing as bad art.

  3. Beautifully said R.J. I wish we touched upon art therapy- seemed like only a natural topic to leap to given the conversation.

    Thanks for the comment and the insight.

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