Episode 118 : Baby Batter

Holy Smokes! It’s Tuesday! On today’s show, the crew reads some emails and talk about faeries.

Hot topics include : Is Chick-Fil-A posing as a young woman on Facebook? Oh, and there is a new theory that a spoonfull of semen may cure pregnant women’s morning sickness. Yum.

This week’s featured song is Run People, Run from the album, Yossis by The Sun Parade.

Episode 117 : Pop It And Go

How funky is your chicken? How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? Our goose is TOTALLY loose!

On this week’s show the honorable Paul, Danielle and Jon are joined by Ms. Nan Little Kirkpatrick. Hot topics include : A clever thief escapes capture by running topless, a gunman opens fire at the the Batman screening, Chick-Fil-A is totally anti-gay, and followers of Tony Roberson burn the fuck out of their feet while walking on burning coals.
This week’s featured song is North Side Gal by J.D. McPherson. It’s off his awesome album, Signs & Signifiers.   


* * *

Episode 116 : 2 Stars

On Today’s show, the honorable Paul brings Cactus Lime beer, Danielle has a big opening next Saturday, and Jon is no etymologist.

First up, the trio discuss the Walking Dead Season 3 trailer which debuted at SDCC. Check it out below :


This week’s hot topics include : A town has a pussy for a mayor, a man drives his car through a mall…naked, another man writes a bomb threat on a job application, a list including people with excessive toll road fines goes public, and a Kentucky man’s last wish goes viral. Check out their website and the video below:


This week’s featured song is “Marianne”  by California Wives.


* * *


Episode 115 : Hipster Chick Shave

Well I hope you are happy. I am covered in whiskey.

On today’s show, Jon gets drunk, Paul is honorable, and Danielle is as dashingly beautiful as ever. The cast answers an email from the fabulous Maria in NYC and Jon rants about birthday gals pinning dollar bills to their chest.

Hot topics include : Brad Pitts momma pens an angry letter, condoms may be mandatory on a porn set near you, a judge orders a drunk driver to write a book report on the bible, and the air sex competition returns!

In unrelated news; the talented and sexy Israel Luna’s latest feature, Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus, is looking for funding. If you can, please support the production via Kickstarter.

This week’s featured song is Hurricane  by MSMR.


* * *

Episode 114 : Scientological Apocalypse

Hidey-HO! One today’s show, Todd Steinberg joins Jon and Danielle for a round table of gelatinous jibbery-do. You may remember Mr. Steinberg for his animated pilot, Don’t Tell My Wife I’m a Cult Leader. Well, he fills us in on where his project is and asks us what our weapon of choice would be in the coming zombie apocalypse. Danielle shoots a video…wherein she is covered in icing and wears a sheep’s mask. Jon isn’t nearly as interesting this week, BUT he did co-host Bitches Be Trippin’ – and Ms. Lala Zigfried is interesting enough for the both of them.


This week’s hot topics include : TomKat calls it quits, a recent SCOTUS ruling has half of the U.S. shaking their fists, and a cop dies during a 3-way, and his widow wins a $3million lawsuit.

This week’s featured song is Bad for Me by Brendan Benson. It is off his album,What Kind of World.


* * *