Episode 138 : Mommy-Daughter Day

138Greetings, my little fresh potatoes. On today’s show Danielle is concussed while Jon, Nan, and Brian fight.

This week’s hot topics include:

photo2This week’s featured song is Secret Days by School of Seven Bells. If you like it, you should grab the EP, Put Your Sad Down off of Amazon.


One thought on “Episode 138 : Mommy-Daughter Day

  1. Thinking about hitting that “send voicemail” button … not sure.
    Two quick thoughts on another great show:

    1) I tend to refer to the benevolent chauvinism thing as “there, there, little lady” which permeates so much of the right-wing approach to social issues. The notion that “your hero will take care of everything, O cherished one” is not polite manners so much as patriarchal politics.

    2) As far as dissolving condoms go … no, just no. One of the most important things in sexuality is avoiding pollutants of all kind. Keeping the garden clean (applied to both men and women) pays off in delightful ways. Natural is the way to go when you can, within the guidelines of safe sexual practices.
    So, no, I wouldn’t be a fan of this approach for either gender or in any orifice. Of course, I speak from the safe perspective of monogamy and vascectomy.

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