Episode 40 : Trentasize!!

This show is truly a comedy of errors. Paul turns into a robot and is unceremoniously cut off by the Skype Gods.  Jon talks poker/Jill yawns/Diane blinks. The trio sans robot discuss over-sharing in private settings, home school vs. public schooling your children, and Jill’s new big girl bed. News stories include  a college student who paid for his tuition with one dollar bills,  Gucci Mane’s hot new ink, and Starbuck’s new trenta size.

(Post Show Script – Jon unkinked the kinks. It is amazing what 8 bucks and a conversation with the hot guy at Radio Shack can do!)

The featured song for today’s episode is “Dirty Thing” by Telekinesis.

4 thoughts on “Episode 40 : Trentasize!!

  1. i blink? how is that comparable to your yawning? (i was physically present, however, if that’s the implication.)

  2. I think it’s like the “blink” that is the physical equivalent of “…” — in cartoons they play a little “clink” sound with it.

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