Episode 67 : Side Part or Comb Over?

We have a lot of cover to ground, y’all. On this week’s show Jon teases Diane, Danielle dyes her hair, and Paul misses his gray. Hot topics include : The Debt ceiling, Amy Winehouse, The terrorist attack in Norway, a Texas mother inches closer to creating her dead son’s baby, a study which shows politicians share traits with serial killers, a patient turns off roommies life support because it kept him a wake, could the ‘no kill’ movement lead to cat hoarding?, and New Zealand introduces ban on weird baby names.

This week’s featured song is Phonetics by Reptar. We love them. You should too.

We featured their track “Stuck in my Id” a few shows back. Check it out below :

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/18970625″]

And check out this nifty interview!




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  1. Jon hated Chuck as a kid…he was afraid of the giant mouse…hid under the table.

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