New Age Ninja

On this week’s episode, Jon discusses She-Ra and female assertion, Chris talks about the death of responsible food criticism and Steve Albini, and Megan educates us on Ninja shortages and the lengths to which one will go for a satisfactory piece of cake.

Some Links :

Japans Ninja Shortage 


The Waitress

photo credit : Vlad Sepetov

This week’s featured song is “Ask Me Anything” by Neil Frances

One thought on “New Age Ninja

  1. It was SO weird to hear the “She-Ra controversy” from the perspective of a different part of the internet. I hadn’t even heard all that noise. And the animation twitterverse is on FIRE (on my side everybody’s whining about how sexless and boyish the protag is)- a banal occurrence by now: every time a lady penetrates the hallowed boy’s club of the “Nine Old Men”, the entire SPECTRUM of criticism lights up. but Noelle Stevenson (Nimona, Lumberjanes)’s been running book tour circuits on her own dime and negotiating collaborations on her own merit for -years-. She’s got this.

    Also, heh. Vinnie Van Go-Go’s. That place is not “story-free” for me either. Deck him TWICE for good measure, hero-waitress!

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